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STARs - Students Teaching and Advocating Respect


STARs is a school run program at CRLS high school. The goal of the STARS program is to teach and advocate respect both in the high school and in elementary schools. STARs consists of a group of students committed to serving the community and being strong role models. The program gives students an opportunity to take what they know and teach it to others in order to make our school a better place.

After training sessions, each STAR is responsible for teaching curricula to younger students; sometimes a STAR might even create a curriculum of their own. Some of the curricula include No Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Teen Dating Violence Prevention, Substance Abuse Awareness, and Race and Personal Identity.

So, what really makes a STAR a STAR?

* Leadership skills
* Creativity
* Ambition
* Mediation skills
* The ability to collaborate with others
* Can work well with younger kids
* Vivacity
* The desire to have fun!


STARs are busy with many activities! Some of the things a STAR does is:

*Teach students about certain issues that pertain to their age group.
*Perform plays to students, in and out of our school, that carry a strong moral along with them.
*Have discussions with students about their reactions to the performances and workshops.
*Hold conferences during the year featuring guest speakers that have an impact on the community.

As part of the Stars program, each student is also responsible for teaching elementary school children about certain issues. These lessons are summarized below.


No Bullying
The No Bullying curriculum teaches 5th, 6th, and 7th graders about the dangers of Elementary School bullying habits and its effects on the "target." Stars students also have the opportunity to rehearse and perform a "no bullying" theme based play.

Sexual Harassment
This lesson focuses more specifically on sexual harassment in and around CRLS. Stars students teach 9th graders about what sexual harassment is and the negative effects of it.

Teen Dating Violence Prevention
"Teen Dating Violence Prevention" consists of a lesson plan taught to 8th & 9th graders about the warning signs and actions that encompass dating abuse, specifically in regards to teenagers. The Stars students also perform a dating violence theme based play, Remote Control, to 8th & 9th graders.

Substance Abuse Awareness
The Substance Abuse Awareness curriculum was not created for the purposes of telling kids what to do. The Stars students teach to 9th graders, educating them about the different types of drugs and their effects, both short and long term. The Stars hope that by giving students this information that they can make their own educated decisions

Race and Personal Identity
This newly developed lesson encompasses issues surrounding race and racism, both at CRLS and in the larger world. The Stars hope to break racial barriers to create a safe environment for students to talk about their own feelings on prejudice and the ways that they view themselves and each other.



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