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Nest FestThe philosophy of the Music Program is to provide an opportunity for all students to receive a comprehensive music education. Through the study of a wide range of music literature (concert, baroque, classical, folk, jazz, rock, etc.) students can become intelligent consumers, producers, and/or creators of music. The high level of motivation required for performance courses is an invaluable asset to educational growth. School performances and community service, which contribute to developing a sense of responsibility in students, are in integral part of the music activities. Music is an important part of the total education of all students.

We believe that music-in-education changes the culture of a school, supports it in the invention and articulation of its own change, and invokes the school and its community as agents of this change.

Music ClassWe believe that a comprehensive music program assumes its full power in education through the dynamic tension between music as a distinct authentic subject area, and as part of a rich curriculum integrated with other subject areas.

Unlike many other school systems, Cambridge provides music, accessories, and, use of high school owned instruments free of charge. Solo, ensemble and chamber music performances are encouraged. We welcome new students as well as those of you who have performed in previous years. Come and join us! Make music a career for yourself or just come and have some great experiences in the music program!