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Math Club

Math Club PicturesAdvisor: Joel Patterson

Meetings: Wednesday and Thursday at 2:45 - 3:45PM in Room 3124 at CRLS.

Look at these three pictures. This model can help you find the sum of 1+4+9+…+ 99^2 + 100^2. How?

Do you like thinking? Do you want to learn creative and elegant ways to solve problems? Do you want to explore surprising connections between different ideas? Then Math Club is for you.

The Math Club participates in the New England Math League, Harvard-MIT November Tournament, and the AMC/AIME.

New England Math League contests happen six times per school year, starting in October, once per month. Everyone is welcome to join us.

More Math Club PicturesContact Mr. Patterson to learn more. Or just stop by Room 3124. Everyone is welcome at Math Club!

Pictured from left to right: Max Zegans, Ben Rosand, Logan Chen, Shuvom Sadhuka, Sheikh Nasher, and Logan Payan at the November 2014 Harvard-MIT Math Tournament.