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World Languages

School Wide Learning Expectation
A CRLS foreign language student must learn to communicate as a speaker.

James Kelleher, K-12 Coordinator

One of the most important academic studies in the roster of CRLS courses is a foreign language. The study of another language gives an inside view of another culture, way of thinking, set of values, and lifestyle. Language study is the most natural vehicle for acquiring a multicultural outlook, and it enhances English vocabulary and knowledge of language structure and usage. Second language study is indispensable for the college-bound and an invaluable embellishment to the educational background of the non-college bound.

There is a minimum language requirement at CRLS of two courses in the same language. Some colleges and universities require more courses for acceptance. Students will select the language that best satisfies their needs and interests. Every language offered at CRLS has its own unique contribution to make to a student’s knowledge and development.