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Math Related Web Sites

A web site with math-related tutorial videos.

This following is the official web site of the College Board – the organization in charge of the SAT and AP exams. Click on “Prepare for the SAT” and sign up for the SAT Question of the Day service where an SAT question will be sent to your e-mail address daily.

Gap Minder World
There is a popular video circulating around the web which compares different countries’ life expectancies to income over time. That analysis was done by Swedish medical doctor and statistician Hans Rosling and his team. Rosling’s official web site which is used in the Mathematical Reasoning with Applications course.

Free mathematics software for learning and teaching.

Graphic Organizers
Veritable cornucopia of graphic organizers for use in the classroom. Many 504s and IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) feature their use as an accommodation for students.

The “official” Ken Ken Puzzle web site.

Khan Academy
A web site with math-related tutorial videos.

Logic Puzzles
Features a type of logic puzzle using matrices called Web Paint-By-Number puzzles. 

Oswego City School District: Regents Exam Prep Center
The site features a multitude of examples, test problems, tutorials, etc. and it is broken down by math subject through trigonometry.

Pi Day Web Sites:
PI Day
Ms. Mitchell's Virtual School: PI Day
The Joy of PI

History of PI

The PI Pages

The following two web sites have sample problems from the SAT and MCAS exams: 

Learning analytics and test scoring software. This site does require you to register first.

Texas Instruments
A web site providing Texas Instruments’ graphing calculator activities.

Vi Hart Blog
Recreational mathematician Vi Hart is the author of many popular web-based videos. This is her official blog.

Wolfram MathWorld
Looking for a web site with some higher math content and demonstrations? Look no further than Wolfram’s Math World which bills itself as “The Web’s Most Extensive Mathematics Resource.”