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The CRLS French program is offered at six levels, 1 through AP French. The French text covers French 1-4. This series is complemented by a wealth of supporting materials: CD’s, DVD’s, workbooks, and videos. French 5 and AP French use readings from a variety of sources: classic novels, periodicals, cinema, plays, film, etc. An integral part of the upper level courses is exposure to the music, customs, art, and literature of French-speaking countries, as well as emphasis on writing and speaking to prepare students for the French AP examination.

L011: French 1
Students will develop their French skills through the study of culture, vocabulary, and grammar. By discovering and reading about the day to day experiences of typical French speaking people, students will become familiar with language as a tool for communication. They will read short stories, write dictations, and develop short projects, as well as engage in oral drills and games to practice and drill grammar structures and vocabulary. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10

L111: French 2
This course continues the study of the French language. Students will develop and expand their vocabulary and grammatical skills through simple basic readings, poems, dialogues and skits. There will be collaborative work on research projects and discussions after viewing of films. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisites: French 1 or recommendation of eighth grade teacher

L211: French 3
This course is the continuation of studies from French 2 CP. Students will develop and expand their vocabulary and grammatical skills. In addition, they will memorize and perform short dialogues which highlight new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Students will acquire vocabulary, correct use of syntax, and dramatic expressions. This course is NOT sufficient preparation for French IV. This is the end of the College Prep French 1, 2, 3 series. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisite: CP French 2

L412: French 4
This course will be conducted entirely in French, and students will be expected to speak French during class. There will be a systematic review of all the basic grammar structures of French covered in French III Honors, and, in addition, students will begin to develop a writing style through the preparation of short, weekly essays and journals. Students will also be exposed to French literature which will reinforce the grammar structures they have studied in class. This course is excellent preparation for the SAT II French examination and the AP course. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisites: French 3 Honors or Teacher Recommendation

L512: French 5
This course is designed for students who have successfully completed the French 4 Honors course. Students will be required to read literary texts in their original versions (short stories, plays, novels, etc.). Students will have an extensive grammar review at an advanced level. These skills will be required as students have to write essays, compositions, reactions or critiques in reference to literary works and/or current events, especially those from Francophone countries. Students in this class are expected to demonstrate proficiency with regard to speaking skills through dialogue presentations, debates, and oral presentations. This course is an excellent segue to the AP French course because it will help prepare students for the rigor of Advanced Placement study. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisite: HN French 4 or Teacher Recommendation