Latin Club

Advisor: Maria Giacchino

Meeting Location: Room 2321 at 2:45 (all meetings, even trip meetings will first meet in 2321)

The Latin Club is open to all former, current and future Latin students, as well as students who are interested in ancient Roman history, culture,  mythology or the Latin language. The Latin Club has two types of meetings: in-school meetings (scheduled on Thursdays) and trip meetings (scheduled on Fridays). The in-school meetings will be a mixture of trivia games, cultural knowledge sharing, scavenger hunts and anything else ancient Roman-related that the club members decide they want to do. The trip meetings will consist of either an excursion to the North End to sample “modern Roman desserts” (i.e. cannoli and gelato – please come and put your two cents’ worth into the long-standing debate about which bakery in the North End makes the best cannoli!). The MFA trips will focus on exploring a different collection of the MFA for each meeting. We will start by visiting their amazing Greek and Roman collections, and then expand across cultures that were contemporary to the Greek and Roman times and then slowly move forward in time.

If you are interested in joining the Latin Club, please join our club email list. All meetings will be announced in advance through Latin Club emails and are also listed on the schedule below.

Fall Semester Meeting Schedule

November meetings:

Thursday, November 14 | Rm. 2321
Thursday, November 21 | Rm. 2321
Friday, November 22 | North End or MFA trip

December meetings:

Thursday, December 5 | Rm. 2321
Monday, December 9 | Latin Carol Celebration, Brown University
Friday, December 20 | North End or MFA trip

January meetings:

Thursday, January 9 | Rm. 2321
Friday, January 17 | North End or MFA trip
Thursday, January 23 | Rm. 2321
Friday, January 31 | North End or MFA trip