Peer Mentoring

Advisor: Sharon Lozada

The CRLS Mentors provide leadership, guidance and support to the ninth graders at CRLS. Every week, throughout the school year, the mentors work in the ninth grade homerooms facilitating activities and discussions that address important academic and social issues. Through commitment and consistency, the mentors and their mentees establish connections that help to build strong and respectful citizens and communities.

In order to become a mentor, upperclass students must complete and submit a personal application form and a written recommendation from a CRLS faculty member. After applying to the program, prospective mentors participate in a four day, 12-15 hour training workshop that takes place in August. This training is designed to help students acquire and develop leadership and communication skills, build a repertoire of activities and exercises, and plan for the ninth graders' orientation day at CRLS. In addition to the summer training, the CRLS Mentors attend bi-monthly meetings that are scheduled during homeroom and after school.