Science Team

Advisor: Kris Newton

Meetings: Tuesdays | 2:45PM | Room 2405

The CRLS Science Team is an opportunity to compete in a wide variety of science events. Competitive events include all disciplines of science and can involve laboratory experiments, design projects, cooperative challenges, and paper and pencil tests.

The CRLS Science Team participates in several major science competitions:

  • North Shore Science League – The NSSL has seven meets throughout the school year (2nd Tuesday of the month in October, November, December, January, February, March, and April). Teams of four compete in one of three events each month.

  • Women of Science Competition - This is a one-day event in December in which teams of three female students compete in four different events, one of which is a build-ahead event. Students must be 11th or 12th graders.
    MIT Science Olympiad Invitational - This is a one-day event in January consisting of most of the same events that will be at the Massachusetts State Olympiad Competition.

  • Massachusetts State Science Olympiad – This is a one-day event in March consisting of 25 events. Each student participates in 2-4 events. To prepare, students are paired with mentors who meet with them weekly beginning in late fall.

  • MIT Science Trivia Competition - This team trivia competition is part of the Cambridge Science Festival and happens during April vacation. Teams of up to 5 students and 5 alternates compete against teams from other schools.

*A note about the meeting time: Tuesdays is the regular day we check in as a team. If Tuesday conflicts with another student activity, it is still possible to be a science team member! Groups of students gather to prepare for their events at times that work for them. Meeting times with Science Olympiad mentors usually can be scheduled to accommodate other student activities. It is also not required that students participate in all science team events so if you do a sport you can participate during one part of the year and not another.

Students and families who have questions about Science Team can contact Kris Newton by email or by phone at 857.235.9204.