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Senior Portraits

The yearbook will not accept portrait submissions from students directly. Any senior who does not have their photo taken during Senior Picture Days will need to make separate arrangements to have their portrait taken by Yearbook student photographer. The yearbook staff wants to include every senior in the senior portrait section of their yearbook, but seniors who do not participate in the Senior Portrait Days are not guaranteed to be in the yearbook.

All seniors will be photographed for the yearbook. Photos will be available for online purchase throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

An online viewing card will be sent home with each senior with instructions on how to order senior prints online. The online viewing card will have a personal pin to allow personal access and all the information necessary to place your order.

It is suggested that seniors wear solid colors, primary or pastels, and avoid large geometric prints, large logos, bright colors or neons.

If you have questions about senior portraits, please speak to one of the Yearbook advisors: Joshua Marden or Annan Montgomery.