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Advanced Placement Source (EBSCOhost)
AP-focused research resources covering a wide array of subject areas including the arts, multicultural studies, science, math, and history.

African American History - Facts on File
Biographies, Events and Topics, Primary Sources, Timelines, Image Gallery, Maps and Charts

America's Historical Newspapers (1690 - 2000)
Primary sources, news articles from several hundred news sources cover topics such as government, politics, social issues, culture, discoveries, inventions and more.

American Government - ABC-CLIO
Foundations & Branches of American Government, Rights & Liberties, Political Behavior, Domestic & Foreign Policy, Political & Economic Systems, State & Local Government - includes Biographies, Chronologies, Court Cases, eBooks, Maps, Multimedia, News, Primary Sources, Statistics, Timelines

American History - ABC-CLIO
Includes Biographies, Chronologies, Court Cases, eBooks, Maps, Multimedia, Primary Sources, Statistics, Timeline

Annals of American History - Britannica
Primary Sources: Speeches, historical accounts, memoirs, poems, images, and multimedia

Artemis Literary Sources
Search across the Gale Virtual Reference Library, Literature Resource Center, and Contemporary Literary Criticism Select databases all at once to find full text of literary works, journal articles, literature criticism, reviews, biographical information and overviews.

Digital collections of books, images, articles, audio, and video from leading publishers and archives around the world

Biography in Context: Gale/Infotrac
Narrative & Thumbnail Biographies, Magazine Articles - search by name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, birth/death year, birth/death place, gender

Books and Authors: Gale/Infotrac

Boston Globe

Britannica: School Edition
Includes related articles from journals & magazines (EBSCO), selected websites, and multimedia: Frequently updated news from the New York Times, BBC News, and SBS World News - Year in Review, World Atlas, Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Timelines

CultureGrams - ProQuest
Cultural profiles of the world's countries: background, people, customs & courtesies, lifestyle, and society - includes flags, national anthems, photos, recipes, famous people, quick facts, currency converter.

Foreign Language News and Newspapers
Electronic journals, newspapers and magazines in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish 

Gale: PowerSearch
Select and cross search Gale databases for reference, periodical, and primary source information. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Includes Reference EBooks

Global Issues In Context - Gale/Infotrac
Global perspectives on issues of international importance and current world events and topics in the news related to these issues.

Health Reference Center Academic: Gale/Infotrac
Nursing and allied health journals; consumer health magazines; selected newsletters, pamphlets, and newspaper articles; topical overviews, and core reference books - Full Text and Images

Historical Newspapers - ProQuest
Primary Sources: New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor

Issues - ABC-CLIO
"Thematic analysis of today's most controversial issues" - Research within broad issues: Society, Gender/Ethnicity, Criminal Justice, Government/Law/Politics, Environment, Science/Technology - find articles about Individuals, Groups & Organizations, Events, Places, Objects and Artifacts, Ideas & Movements - includes Timelines, Court Cases, Primary Sources, Quotes, Maps and Multimedia

Literature Resource Center: Gale/Infotrac

New York Times

Opposing Viewpoints in Context: Gale/Infotrac
Includes Academic Journals, Magazines, Multimedia, News, Primary Sources, Reference, Statistics, Viewpoints, Websites 

Science In Context: Gale/Infotrac

Student Resources in Context - Gale/Infotrac
U.S.& World History, Cultures, Geography, Literature, & Science: includes Academic Journals, Creative Works, Magazines, Multimedia, News Sources, Primary Sources, Reference, Statistics 

U.S. History in Context - Gale/Infotrac
A broad collection of full-text periodicals, reference works, primary documents and scholarly analysis.

World at War - ABC-CLIO
Research: People, events, movements & places, includes personal narratives and other primary sources - also includes Country Profiles
Wars: Overview, Causes, Opponents, Timeline, Consequences, ClioView Statistical Tool
Themes: "Read essays about the political, economic, geographic, military, social, or technological implications of any of the fourteen major wars or conflicts"

World Book Advanced
Integrates primary and secondary sources in a single search: Includes encyclopedia articles, e-books, images & sounds, research tools, selected websites, timeline builder, atlas and dictionary, periodical selections

World Book Online Student
Includes related articles from journals & magazines (EBSCO), selected websites, and multimedia: Behind the Headlines, Back in Time, Special Reports, Explore Massachusetts - Research Guides, World Atlas, Dictionary, Thesaurus - Research Libraries (Primary Sources)

World Data Analyst - Britannica
Country Snapshots, Comparisons, Statistics - create charts and tables

World Geography - ABC-CLIO
WorldProfiles - Includes Biographies, CLIOview Country Comparisons Statistical Tool, Culture Info, Facts & Figures, Flags, Maps, Multimedia, News, Primary Sources

World History: Ancient & Medieval Eras - ABC-CLIO
Includes Biographies, Chronologies, eBooks, Maps, Multimedia, Primary Sources, Statistics, Timelines

World History in Context - Gale/Infotrac

World History: The Modern Era- ABC-CLIO
Includes Biographies, Chronologies, eBooks, Maps, Multimedia, Primary Sources, Statistics, Timelines

Multilingual searchable news portal, including links to international radio sites

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