School Library Rules

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Library Hours
Monday - Thursday
7:30AM - 5PM 

7:30AM - 3PM


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The library can only hold a certain number of students and those need to be quietly working.
  1. A maximum of 4 students may work at each table and they must be sitting in chairs.
  2. Standing around or sitting on the floor are not allowed.
  3. There is no food or eating allowed at any time. Drinks must be capped when not in use.
  4. The library staff decides the appropriate noise level.
  5. Students who are disrespectful or disregard library staff will not be allowed to stay in the library and will be reported to their Dean of Students.
  6. Students must be accompanied by an adult in the Fiction Room during after school hours.
The library is available for those who want a calm, quiet place to study, as space allows. Please observe these rules to help create a place where everyone can concentrate on their work.

General Guidelines
  • Respect others
  • Use appropriate language
  • Speak quietly
  • Use materials with care
  • No food
  • No card or board games
  • Capped drinks only
  • No cell phone calls