Junior State of America (JSA)

Advisor: Joshua Landwehr
Meets: Wednesday mornings from 7:30 - 8AM.
Where: Room 2135

Junior State of America (JSA) is a student-run, non-partisan, non-profit political awareness club. Students run the chapter meetings, decide on debate topics, organize every aspect of the chapter. JSA gives students an opportunity to voice their opinions on local, state, national, and world issues. JSA gives students valuable “citizenship training” by letting students run their own government. JSA chapter conduct a wide range of political awareness activities: informal discussions, structured debates, educational simulation, challenging mock trials, informative political guest speakers, and voter registration drives are only a few of the activities chapters hold. JSA holds Saturday conferences and overnight conventions that allow students from many different high schools a chance to debate and discuss important issues.

For more information about JSA please visit their website.