Congrats to 33rd Annual 5K City Run Participants

Congrats to 33rd Annual 5K City Run Participants
Posted on 04/12/2019
Thank-you to all the CRLS runners, coaches, teachers, volunteers (and Principal Smith) who got out of bed early, ran, raised money, or volunteered on the race course, in the AD's office or behind the registration desks at Fresh Pond, for the 33rd Annual 5K City Run. It was a gorgeous day with a tremendous turnout, with over 500 official (and unofficial) participants.

Turnout from the CRLS community was awesome! Approximately 75 CRLS students signed up the day of the race and an additional 29 students registered in advance. I am not certain how many students just ran unofficially (without a bib that times the run) just for the fun of it, but I am guessing close to 75.

We had a total of 464 registered runners, (110 same days) and 399 crossed the finish line. In addition to CRLS students, approximately 45 students from East Boston High School, participated, honoring the memory of CRLS graduate Andrea Harvey, who was a beloved math teacher at the high school in East Boston. The Andrea Harvey Memorial Fund educates and creates awareness around domestic violence.

Congrats to winners in the 14-18 Category:

1. Eben Lowensten 17:13 
2. Zan Rice 17:39 
3. Oscar Benedek 18:08 
4. Chris Gould 18:36 
5. Alexander Deng 19:51 

1. Annie Macbeth 24:09 
2. Emilie Hegre 24:16 
3. Emily Randall Jarrard 24:34 
4. Victoria Heitzmann 25:19
5. Jennifer Cooper 26:01 

Click here to find the official results here, along with photos >>

FOCA raised over $10,000, the majority of this will be used to fund (10) scholarships to deserving CRLS seniors and support grants to CRLS athletic teams. AHMF provides two scholarships to CRLS students, one of which also honors former CRLS Dean Les Kimbrough.