Privacy & Security Update: October 8, 2021

Hi All CPS Staff,

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year's theme is "Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart".

Building our own cybersecurity awareness skills is not only good for CPS and the protection of our students, but also for each of us personally. All cybersecurity skills are directly transferable to our personal lives as well. How many of us have known someone that has been hacked or had their personal identity stolen? The same tactics used to target large institutions like schools, are also used to target individuals.

As noted in this article, K-12 has become the most targeted segment for ransomware. There are a number of factors influencing this troubling trend, but our most powerful defence is a user base that is well versed in every day cybersecurity defenses. This means all of us being on the lookout for suspicious activity, phishing emails, or anything out of the ordinary. If you suspect something strange, don't click, simply report it.

Here are a few resources and tips for cybersecurity practices that can benefit you both professionally and personally:

General Guides
- Own your role in cybersecurity: Start with the basics
- Cyber Secure At Work tip sheet
- Spam & Phishing basics and tips

A Little Deeper into K12 Issues
- Cyber Actors Target K-12 Distance Learning
- K12 Video Conferencing Tips

If you are interested in more resources or have any questions please feel free to contact ICTS. If you think anything is suspicious stop and contact ICTS.

Have a great weekend!
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