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Graduation is a very important event for our students, their families, friends, and the entire community. Students must earn 224 (two hundred twenty-four) credits and pass the MCAS exams in order to be eligible to graduate with a Cambridge Rindge and Latin School diploma. The credits are broken down as follows:

  • English (40 credits)
  • Science (30 credits)
  • Math (40 credits) (must take one course in senior year)
  • Social Science (30 credits which includes 10 from US History)
  • World Language (20 credits of the same language)
  • Fine, Performing or Technical Arts (RSTA) (20 credits)
  • Wellness (5 credits/year)
  • Physical Education or Dance (must take each year)
  • A swimming requirement must be fulfilled
  • The balance of  credits are earned through electives

GraduationIn addition to completing local graduation requirements, in accordance with the requirements of federal and state law, students must pass the English, Math and Science portions of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) in order to graduate from CRLS and receive a CRLS diploma. Students must receive a minimum score of 220 on the English, Math, and Science exams. Students who do not pass the English, Math, and Science portions of the MCAS but have completed local graduation requirements receive a Certificate of Attainment.

    Seniors Not in Good Standing = Student is in jeopardy of not graduating
    A senior that is not in good standing is a senior that needs to pass all core academic courses* on their schedule and/ or needs 80 credits to graduate. 
    *Core Academic Courses = English, ESL, Math, History, Science, World Language

    Students that have not passed the English, Science, and Math MCAS will not receive a Cambridge Rindge and Latin diploma.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Seniors who have not fulfilled all graduation requirements or settled senior debts by the announced deadline will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises.

    Senior Debt
    All graduating seniors must return or pay for the replacement of all uniforms, equipment, textbooks, library books, fees, and money owed to clubs or senior activities in order to participate in graduation activities. Seniors will not be allowed to participate in graduation if they have not taken care of all their obligations.

    Senior Fee
    A graduation fee to cover cap and gown and the senior graduation portrait is required for graduating seniors.

    GraduationEarly Graduation Requirements
    The purpose of early graduation is to permit students who have fulfilled graduation requirements the opportunity to graduate early. The school does not encourage students to graduate early, but does provide a procedure for those with valid reasons. Early graduation can occur beginning second semester of Grade 11. Any student interested in early graduation should see their Guidance Counselor or Dean of Curriculum for further information.

    Class Valedictorian and Salutatorian
    The Valedictorian and Salutatorian are the two top-ranked students in the senior class.  The selection of Valedictorian and Salutatorian is determined after the third marking period of the senior year when the allotted time for grade correction has expired (three weeks from the date report cards are issued.) Class rank is calculated by the cumulative grade point average achieved while attending CRLS.

    To be considered for Class Valedictorian or Salutatorian, seniors must meet the following requirements.

    • Be a full-time CRLS student
    • Be in “good standing,” which means having completed 170 credits by the beginning of senior year, and
    • Been enrolled at CRLS as a full-time student for the seven (7) marking periods (quarters) immediately preceding the calculation of the class rank to determine Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

    Part-time students and students in ungraded classrooms are, by definition, ineligible for class rank.

    Senior Continuation
    Seniors who have failed courses and are not graduating must repeat the year,with the permission of the principal, or attend summer school. They may not attend class after senior finals. A senior who is not graduating has the right to continue in class provided that:

    • The student was enrolled in the class and the class is one that remains in session until the end of the school year;
    • The Dean of Students, in consultation with the teacher, considers the arrangement feasible, and receives the approval of the principal.

    Promotion/ Retention Procedure
    Promotion to Grade 10
    At the end of 9th grade students must have earned 60 credits and passed 3 of the 4 following core academic courses*: English or 2 semesters of ESL, History, Math, or Science to be promoted to the 10th grade.Students who have not met this requirement will remain in 9th grade.

    Promotion to Grade 11
    At the end of 10th grade students must have earned 120 credits, earned 70 out of 90 credits in the following core academic courses*: 20 credits in English or 4 semesters of ESL, 20 credits in History, 20 credits in Math, 20 credits in Science, 10 credits in World Language. Students who have not met this requirement will remain in 10th grade.

    Promotion to Grade 12
    At the end of 11th grade students must have earned 170 credits, earned 30 credits in English or 6 semesters of ESL, 10 credits in World Language and earned 80 out of 90 credits in the other core academic courses*. Students who have not met this requirement will remain in 11th grade.