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Do you like to be challenged? Are you willing to work hard? Study Latin to build your critical thinking skills and to stretch your memorization muscles. Are you a word lover? Do you want to improve your English vocabulary? Study Latin to learn the origin of approximately 60% of our English vocabulary. The Latin language and ancient Roman culture have greatly influenced our own modern lives. If you are interested in mythology, gladiators, Roman art and architecture, cities buried by volcanic eruptions, politics, Roman emperors and struggles for power, and any other aspect of daily life in Ancient Rome, take Latin to find out more.

L042: HN Latin 1
You will learn to read and write in Latin at a basic level moving at an accelerated pace. You will follow a Roman family through their daily lives in an ancient resort town and journey with them along the ancient Via Appia (Appian Way) to Rome. You will study the fundamentals of Latin grammar, build your Latin vocabulary and your English vocabulary by learning the English words that have come from your Latin vocabulary words, and learn about Roman history, culture and daily life. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10

L142: HN Latin 2
You will continue your journey with the members of a Roman family and learn about the mythological and historical characters that meant much to the Romans and still remain part of our cultural heritage today. You will be introduced to a vast cultural and colorful cast of ancient Mediterranean and European civilizations that included the peoples of many different cultures and social levels ranging from slaves to emperors. You will review and consolidate the grammatical foundation you built in Latin 1. Then you will continue the systematic study of Latin grammar with particular emphasis on verb tenses, the formation of the cases and building your Latin (and English) vocabulary. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisite: HN Latin 1 or Teacher Recommendation

L242: HN Latin 3
In Latin 3, you will continue the study of all aspects of ancient Roman life from birth to death, engagement and betrothal, and the pursuit of entertainment as seen in the Colosseum. You will consolidate your understanding of Latin grammar and you will be introduced to some of the more complex aspects of Latin grammar (including participles, indirect statement, subjunctives, etc.). You will continue to learn Latin vocabulary and continue to build the skills needed to use your knowledge of Latin to decipher SAT vocabulary and you will start to read authentic (unadapted) Latin texts including such authors as Eutropius, Julius Caesar and Martial. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisite: HN Latin 1 and 2 or Teacher Recommendation

L342: HN Latin 4
Latin 4 is the exciting synthesis of the previous three semesters of Latin grammar. You read selections from ancient authors such as Martial, Ovid, Catullus and Horace. You review Latin grammar throughout, but the emphasis is no longer on learning grammar, but rather on how to produce the best English translation of authentic (unadapted) Latin. You study each author’s literary style, as well as discuss topics and themes in ancient Roman literature. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisites: HN Latin 3 or Teacher Recommendation

L442: AP Latin

AP Latin is designed to provide advanced Latin students with a rich and rigorous semester-long Latin course, approximately equivalent to an upper-intermediate (typically fourth or fifth semester) college or university Latin course. The course prepares students for the AP Latin exam given in May. Even more important than the exam preparation is the sheer exhilaration of reading substantial portions of Vergil’s Aeneid, one of the most awe-inspiring pieces of epic poetry ever written in the original language. The AP Latin syllabus juxtaposes the lyric poetry of Vergil with the pure straightforward prose and historical interest of Caesar’s Gallic Wars. The readings from the two diverse texts present students with an in-depth study of Roman concepts of war, peace, empire and leadership. The Latin works and the English translations, when appropriate, are studied with attention to precise and literal translation, analysis of the works as literature, and proficiency in writing critical essays on the works. Emphasis will also be placed on reading Latin passages at sight. Length: One Semester; Credits: 10; Prerequisites: HN Latin 4 or Teacher Recommendation