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CRLS Black Student Union Breaks A World Record

CRLS Black Student Union Breaks A World Record
Posted on 05/24/2018

After months of planning, Black Student Union (BSU) senior members Javona Neal and I-Jah Armstrong helped their high school break a world record!

On May 22, the two CRLS Seniors recruited 278 adults and students to join them in the cafeteria after school, to break the world record for most people hugging soft toys simultaneously. Together, the BSU was able to lead CRLS to smashing the previous record of 261!

According to BSU Advisor and History/Psychology teacher Kevin Dua, the event’s goals were:

  1. to present a free opportunity that nurtures an empowering space for any CRLS member to participate, cooperate, and collaborate with each other
  2. to communicate to the community that BSU strives to create a comfortable space for Black students to enjoy

As people as young as two and as old as the oldest CPS staff member gathered in the cafeteria, the enthusiasm and positivity became infectious. What more, many participants had the option of donating the soft toys to charity!

In all, what better symbol could there be for the safety and love that all students deserve, than an event that encourages a diverse community to hug their stuffed animals?

The event was recorded and witnessed in accordance with Guiness World Record guidelines, and the group should hear back from the organization soon about the final determination of whether their hard work will be recognized. If all goes as planned, the certificate will be donated by the BSU to remain on display at the high school.

In an email following the event, Mr. Dua expressed special thanks to:

  • teachers Jalyn Evans-Williams, Berhan Duncan, Sandy Simeon, Kathie Nyholm, Erica Modugno, Sharon Lozada, Laura Borrelli, and Ashley Sitkin for volunteering their time in making this a successful event;
  • the CRLS custodial crew for their support in making this a safe event;
  • lead organizers Javona Neal and I-Jah Armstrong
  • everyone who donated 100+ toys and helped the BSU and CRLS break this record!