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2019 Glocal Challenge Winners Announced

2019 Glocal Challenge Winners Announced
Posted on 01/28/2019
Glocal ChallengeIt gives me great pleasure to share with you this year's Glocal Challenge Winners! We had 60 students participate in this year's challenge, working on nine different teams to come up with ideas to help communicate the impacts of climate change. Four finalists were selected this Tuesday morning at the Semi-Finals event. Then, Wednesday evening at the beautiful EF headquarters, all nine participating teams pitched their ideas to the public and a fifth finalist was selected by popular vote. These top five finalists then all presented to a panel of expert judges and this year's Glocal Challenge Winner, Team Climate Change Impact Attack was selected!

Glocal ChallengeAll Glocal Finalists earned a paid internship and $3000 of seed money to implement their ideas. Additionally, in what was a very welcome and exciting surprise, the City manager, Louis DePasquale, announced that all five finalists also won a trip to Panama! Needless to say the students are very excited! If you see this year's Glocal winners in the hallway, please be sure to congratulate them and ask them to share with you their winning ideas!

Glocal Winner

Team Climate Change Impact Attack

Georgia Voyiatzis, Gabe Herman, Alex Kim, and James Shaw

Team Captain Change the Planet
Simeon Lichtenstein, Simon Simpson, Benjamin Driscoll, Lara Garay

Team Lifeguards
Kenny Figueroa, Sarah Ikram, Sharon Bosco, Zineb Bouhi

Team No Back Up Plan(et)
Piper Larin, Aleahna Lartey, Sophia Price, Leo Austin-Spooner

Team Studio 33.3

Ezra Barneson, Raj Kirpalani, Simone Dobrin, Hope Perrine