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Nusrat Africawala

Nusrat Africawala

Elementary School: Kennedy-Longellow School
College: Simmons College
Major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Career Aspiration: Neurologist or Neuropathologist

Extra Curricula
Volleyball, Lacrosse, Student Government, Unicef Club, Henna Club, Biotech Club, Club 4, and volunteer at ICRA mosque.

Favorite Class at CRLS
AP Biology. CRLS offers a wide variety of science courses in order to excite and entice knowledge-hungry students. As I took advantage of this resource, I became more and more intertwined in the beautiful complexities of human and molecular biology. AP biology gave me the opportunity to go beyond the high school level and further explore my interests in the intricate workings of the body. This course allowed me to build a solid and reliable study technique that will be very helpful for my classes in college. Throughout the yearlong class, my peers and my teacher contributed to making AP Biology a wonderful experience for me. Ideas were challenged on a daily basis which broadened my knowledge of the subject.

Favorite Teacher
Jason Romanowski and Kathleen Sorenson. Mr. Romanowski carries such a positive and welcoming vibe, making it is easy for any student to be comfortable with him from day one. He introduced me to mindfulness and made me understood why taking care of our mental health in addition to living our busy lives is crucial. Mr. Romanowski was also one of the very few teachers I had who did not make participation in class a mandatory rule. He created a safe space and in doing so, I ended up participating in his class more than any of my other classes. His English course gave me the ability to see literary works through different analytical lenses in order to find an author’s truth and meaning.

Ms. Sorenson resurrected my love for mathematics during my senior year. Everyday she taught lessons with enthusiasm and encouragement. When her students struggled, she made time before school to hold review sessions. Her style of teaching and presenting challenging problems pushed me to go beyond the walls of basic calculus and explore the topic on a whole new perspective. Ms. Sorenson also made sure she built a personal relationship with each and every student and made it a priority to check in with them.

Often times, she would ask me about how I was doing in my personal life. She demonstrated a genuine interest in her students. Calculus class moved very quickly, but Ms. Sorenson made it very manageable. She assigned creative projects and exhibited a vibe that made me look forward to her class every night despite being a senior.

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
I like how CRLS extends their efforts particularly to students of color and those who come from less fortunate backgrounds. I have noticed that this school takes extra care of those who are not able to perform at their best. There are numerous opportunities and help coming from support systems who want to help less fortunate students succeed in their education. Specifically, I was able to receive great help
from the CCRC when it came time to study for the SAT. They showed me a welcoming hand and with that, I was able to do far more than what I could have done on my own. They also have been a tremendous aid in the college process. They gave me a mentor to walk me through the application process. These resources helped me overcome my challenges as a soon-to-be first generation college student. Successful academic institutions should follow the model CRLS creates. Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed. Every student deserves the chance to be great.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why? 
CRLS is full of determined students that work hard to move past obstacles. As a student who is surrounded by such individuals on a daily basis, I learned how to be resilient, work towards attaining my full potential, and have become inspired to overcome any challenges that I will be faced with. In addition to this environment, everyone is also very welcoming. You will always find students studying for tests in
groups in the library right before a test or sitting on the grass after school just relaxing and enjoying the company of one another. Another aspect I love is that you can walk in the hallways and observe all the funky outfits people have on and that is simply considered normal here. I was fortunate to have spent my high school experience at CRLS as it has shaped me to be a determined student and a well-rounded human being.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
Use your freshman year to branch out of your comfort zone and explore all types of areas whether it’s in classes, clubs, and sports! Join that drama club you were afraid to take! Join the sports team you were so hesitant to try! Create a basic outline of your interests in order to take advantage of the opportunities that are available at CRLS. Stepping out of your comfort zone will also introduce you to other students in the school whom you may not have in your classes. In addition to this, build relationships with your teachers, deans, and guidance counselors! They will always be there as a support system and are willing to introduce you several opportunities.

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