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Rafael Goldstein

Rafael Goldstein

Elementary School: Amigos School
College: Wesleyan University
Major: Sociology
Career Aspiration: Teacher

Extra Curricula
Baseball, Golf, Student Government, JSA, Register Forum

Favorite Class at CRLS
History. Most teachers have told me it is important to study history so we can learn from our shortcomings. We all have heard the quote: “Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it.” But that reasoning never appealed to me, and I have never really believed it. Why I really love history is it has completely expanded my view of the world. It has taught me that nothing is inevitable; the future may play out in an infinite amount of ways. So we should learn history not to predict the future, but to understand how easily everything can change. History is entirely shaped by a few, while the vast majority of people were working in fields and factories. And if those few people had been different—if some chance accident had or hadn’t occurred—we could be living entirely different lives. Now, you can read that and think “wow that’s stupid…some really influential events could or could not have happened based off of random chance”. But that’s not how I see it. To me, it is amazing that a chance occurrence, maybe something that seems so pointless—like the train we take or the class we walk into—could be the reason that you or me could make a difference in the world. To actually impact another person’s life, maybe even save one. How amazing is that? So that’s why I think we should learn history: to understand that nothing in the future is inevitable or natural, that it can all be changed. That one of us could be one of those few people who change history. History is that malleable.

Favorite Teacher
Mr. Kells. I have had many great teachers at CRLS. What makes Mr. Kells stick out the most is his ability to connect whatever he is teaching to the real world. I have loved school, but one of the main things I have struggled with is connecting lessons I learned in school to my everyday life. I have had Mr. Kells as a teacher twice; I left class on numerous occasions looking at the world differently. And that, in a nutshell, is what I believe school should really be about. If a teacher can make you think about something in a new way, the teacher is doing something right.

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
What I have liked most about CRLS is how I have had numerous teachers who have really challenged me to think about my life and the world. I could have sat in school and memorized the periodic table or some random history textbook chapter (I sometimes did), but what would that really have taught me? I will not graduate remembering the process of photosynthesis or what happened in the world in 1567. But, thanks to CRLS, I can honestly say that I am leaving a much more empathetic person than before. I have a much better sense of the world—of the values and beliefs that I would like to follow in my life. That, to me, is a successful high school experience.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why? 
Lance Dottin coached the basketball team to back-to-back state championships.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
Drink more water. Look to challenge yourself. Remember that what they teach you in history class is not the whole story. Question everything. Get school lunch.

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