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Kabir Uddin


Elementary School: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School
College: Bucknell University
Major: Accounting and Financial Management (CPA or CFA Certification)
Career Aspiration: Wall Street Investor, CEO/Entrepreneur, Financial Analyst, Accountant

Extra Curricula
MIT/Wellesley Upward Bound, Workforce Program, CRLS Volleyball, Club 4, Cambridge Youth Council, CRLS Mentor and Student Guide, Muslim Student Association

Favorite Class at CRLS
AP Language and Composition. This class granted me the opportunity to find my love for learning again. Not only because Mr. Jordan is a bomb teacher, but also because this class allowed me to explore parts of my education I never navigated such as my perspectives on theory, life, and the global world as a whole. We were able to do this without adhering to a strict curriculum and that’s what I appreciated most; it felt like my wings could spread out and dive into the learning as I always wanted.

Favorite Teacher
Ibrahim Dagher. Mr. Dagher is by far one of the funniest and most joyful teachers you’ll ever meet. I have been in his Arabic 1, 2, and 3 courses and I enjoyed it so much! What really sets Mr. Dagher apart from others is his sincere concern and empathy for his students. He strives to form a connection with his students and get involved with their learning as much as possible. This is truly special and something you don’t find in all faculty at CRLS (although, I must say, CRLS has some pretty swaggy staff!). Mr. Dagher is a fundamental contributor to the great environment we have at CRLS because of his love for teaching, his care for others, and his CRLS community, and above all, his dancing to Arabic music during musical breaks enabling any person to truly crack the smile of their lifetime. Love you, Dagher, you the illest!

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
That’s a tough question. In a school like CRLS where almost everything is perfect, it’s hard to choose just one. That being said, I would say that one thing I like most about CRLS is its immense support system for each and every student. I have never been given the opportunity to feel alone or isolated while at CRLS. Even at times of isolation, there would always be someone there for me asking me how I was doing (whether it be my AMAZING guidance counselor Mr. Weathersby or my wonderful teachers and/or peers). This support has been profound in my development and I cherish this aspect of CRLS as it’s something available for each student at CRLS.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why?
This may sound weird but I’m going to say it anyway (YOLO!): The school has an amazing Teen Health Center in the school which provides so much support for the student body whether it be from contraception (use it!) to one-on-one counseling with certified therapists. It’s a gem within CRLS that generally goes unnoticed. Use the Teen Health Center! It’s there to serve you! Yay, health!

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
Don’t go for popularity. Rather, go for individuality. I can’t emphasize this enough! Freshmen, including myself when I was one, continuously do whatever pleases their “squad” at the expense of them maybe getting in trouble or being looked at as a loner. However, CRLS is a place to grow and develop into yourself and pleasing your middle school “squad” is not going to get you really far—it’ll only truly hurt and limit you in the end. Speaking of limiting oneself, you’ll never find so many opportunities in once place as you will at CRLS—take advantage of them! You do you and you’ll see the whole CRLS community come to you!

Lastly, have fun. Meet people outside of your typical social group. Childhood and adolescent are precious.

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