2018 - 19 CRLS Participatory Budget

2018 - 19 CRLS Participatory Budget
Posted on 11/30/2018
CRLS would like to launch its second annual Participatory Budget Process. CRLS would love to hear your ideas on how to spend $10,000 to improve the school community again!

To share an idea, you will need to complete and submit a proposal form.

This form must be submitted no later than January 15, 2019.

Should you wish to be part of the review process and become a student delegate, you will need to submit a "Student Delegate" form.

We love forward to hearing your ideas and encourage you to participate in this process!

Want to also participate in the City of Cambridge's Participatory Budget? Click here for details.

About Last Year's Participatory Budget
I would to thank all the students who cast a vote for their favorite Participatory Budget idea last school year. 186 students voted, which is about 9.5% of the student body. To put this in perspective, the first year that the City led its PB process, 2,700 votes were cast, which is about 2.5% of the eligible voting population in Cambridge. In its now fourth year, they received 6,800, which is about 6.5%.

At the end of last school year, the student delegates reviewed the results. Like the City, which allocates a portion of its $800,000 Participatory Budget funding to many different projects, the student delegates would like to use the $5,000 to help fund the three ideas that had the most votes. The three ideas are:

The Black Student Union Cookout
Project Description: The high school Black Student Union would like to create a school-wide cookout.
Funding: $1,000 has been dedicated to this project.
Update: CRLS staff will be working with the Students of Color club and its adviser to host a school-wide event this school year.

Environmentally Friendly Water Stations
Project Description: Install one or more water bottle filling stations at CRLS.
Funding: $3,000 has been dedicated to this project.
Update: Three stations will replace three existing stand-alone water bubblers at CRLS.

Workshops Around Life Skills
Project Description: RSTA Offers a personal finance class, but there is a need for general workshop(s) about life skills (i.e. ways to save money, create a budget, pay bills, file taxes, etc.) for all CRLS students.
Funding: $1,000 has been dedicated to this project.
Update: Potentially working with a few of our community partners, including the Department of Human Services Office of Workforce Development and the Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee, CRLS plans on hosting a series of workshops in January 2019.

We will be sure to keep you posted on the status of these three projects.