Mayor of Hiroshima Visits CRLS

Mayor of Hiroshima Visits CRLS
Posted on 06/12/2018
mayor matsui and studentsCRLS History Teacher Rachel Otty was contacted by Steve Cohen and Hosea Hirata, both professors at Tufts, about whether CRLS would like to host a visit from Mayor Matsui of the City of Hiroshima. Steve is a professor through Tufts' Ed School and has worked with student teachers who have taught here.

Mayor Matsui came and spoke to about 100 students in the school library. He spoke for about 30 minutes about Hiroshima's history before and after the bombing; he spoke a bit about what Hiroshima looks like today, and then he spoke about the work the organization Mayors for Peace does. Mayors for Peace is an organization of participating mayors (7500+ municipalities) from around the world who are working for peace and nuclear non proliferation.

paper cranesThen, he opened it up to student questions and students were eager to engage. Students asked about what Japanese reactions toward the US were after the bombing, his thoughts on the diplomatic possibilities re: the Korean peninsula today, and his thoughts on militarization and nationalism in the world today. He answered Qs for about 30 minutes and then he presented 1,000 paper cranes to two of our students as a gift from middle school students in Hiroshima.