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Sophie Mark-Ng

Sophie Mark-Ng

Elementary School: King Open School
College: Macalester College
Major: History
Career Aspiration: Undecided

Extra Curricula
Varsity Swimming, Global Awareness Project, Charles River Cleanups, and Ceramics Club.

Favorite Class at CRLS
History is a subject that I grew to enjoy more and more over high school and is both interesting and relevant. At first glance it might seem very separate from our everyday lives, but if we look closer we can see the impacts of history everywhere we look.

Favorite Teacher
Jon Baring-Gould. Jon welcomes everyone into his class and encourages them to enjoy ceramics in their own way. Jon will help you do anything: make a giant ceramic vase, barricade the classroom for the spoon game, and help you heat up your breakfast. He tells the best stories and has the most soothing music. And, you can’t forget Jon’s amazing crocs.

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
The people. My classmates and teachers have had such an impact on me at CRLS. Every person has the ability to teach you something that you never knew before and I experienced that so much during high school. Sometimes it’s intimidating to be surrounded by so many smart, kind, and talented people, but it also pushes you to want to improve your own self.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why?
Unlike typical high schools that we see in movies, CRLS is not full of cliques in the traditional sense. There are issues with segregation between groups, but there are also so many opportunities for people to make new friends all the time. Even in my senior year of high school I have made so many new friends and that is amazing!

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
Figure out how to balance everything in your life. Sure you might need to spend a night studying for a big test or writing a paper, but it’s also important to take a break and spend time with your friends. Doing something fun or going to sleep early is sometimes just as important as doing your homework; you just need to find that balance so you can do your best.

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