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The High School Extension Program (HSEP)

High School Extension Program
359 Broadway, Longfellow Building
Cambridge, MA 02139
617.349.6880 | Fax: 617.349.6306
Principal: Ryan Souliotis
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The High School Extension Program (HSEP) serves between 60 - 100 students. It is part of the Cambridge Public School District and is located at the former Longfellow School at 359 Broadway. Modeled on other successful, non-traditional high school programs in the nation, this program allows students to learn in an alternative setting, and for many, to participate in CRLS after school and club activities.

Course curriculum, academic requirements and eligibility for graduation are in alignment with Massachusetts state guidelines and that which is offered at CRLS. The small setting permits students who have not performed well in school elsewhere an opportunity to succeed, stay engaged with their educational community, graduate with a high school diploma, and earn for themselves a future made brighter with new options for the years after high school.

Students benefiting from HSEP may include:

  • Students with average or above average abilities who are not meeting achievement standards;
  • Students who require individually-designed educational approaches;
  • Students from regular classes who require special tutoring in specific, basic skills areas;
  • Students with adjustment problems that can be modified by a highly personalized approach;
  • Recent drop-outs who want to return to school and others who have been unable to cope with a traditional high school structure;
  • Students who have fallen behind due to chronic absenteeism;
  • Students needing an alternative path to graduation due to course/credit deficiencies or other issues;
  • Students who need an opportunity to redress their high school career due to suspensions and/or expulsion

What makes HSEP different from Cambridge Rindge & Latin?

  • HSEP is a small school with no more than 100 students
  • Highly individualized attention to students
  • Class size is limited to 15 students
  • There are fewer electives than at CRLS
  • Opportunity for credit recovery

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