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About the High School Extension Program

High School Extension Program Mission
The mission of the High School Extension Program is to provide a rigorous academic program designed to advance the achievement of all students especially in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics within a small school environment. Rooted in the community values of trust, honesty, kindness, loyalty, faith, citizenship, courage, integrity, respect and pride, the school is dedicated to developing habits of mind that lead to college or the world of work, upon graduation.

HSEP believes all students can achieve excellence in a positive, challenging educational environment that stimulates their interests, channels their energies, and develops their abilities. HSEP is committed to providing a nontraditional learning environment for students with distinct needs for these educational services.

HSEP is committed to ensuring opportunities for all students to increase skills in both academic and employment environments. HSEP concentrates on increasing students’ academic and career/life skills by offering opportunities not only to earn a high school diploma with credits equal to the same levels of difficulty and standards offered in CRLS, but also to receive personalized career counseling for school-to-college and school-to-work transitions.

Admission to HSEP is through an application process that will extend through the fall. The Cambridge Public School District strives to represent the diversity of our community in all its schools; therefore the selection of the students will be based on a variety of factors. The significant factors for acceptance will include the results of the applicant's interview with the HSEP Principal and the student's expressed sincerity and commitment to complete their high school requirements.

If you are interested in applying for the High School Extension Program, please complete an application at your earliest convenience. Mail or hand deliver the application to: Family Resource Center, 459 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02138. Further documentation may be required upon review of application.

School Hours
The High School Extension Program runs from 8:10AM - 2:20PM.