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MBTA Student Passes

As an urban community with well-resourced public transportation, students attending CRLS have many options for getting to and from school. With traffic congestion and parking constraints, as well as environmental and health considerations, students are encouraged to utilize public transportation, walk, or bike to school. Special discounts on MBTA fares and Blue Bikes memberships are available to support alternatives to driving to school.

Discounted or Free MBTA Fares
A large number of students ride an MBTA bus or take the Red Line train to Harvard Square and walk through Harvard Yard and along Broadway to get to CRLS. To determine the best bus route and plan your trip to and from school, please refer to the MBTA’s online Plan Your Trip tool.

All CRLS students are entitled to receive a discounted student fare when riding with the MBTA with a Student Charlie Card (S Card). To receive an S Card, students must bring their valid Student ID to the main office and request a Student Charlie Card (S Card). Cash value must be added to the card on the local and express buses -or at an MBTA fare vending machine at any time.

There are two options for receiving the student discounts. Students may choose to pay as they go, receiving a 50% discount on the bus, subway, and commuter rail. Or, they may pay a monthly rate of $30 for unlimited subway and bus rides.

In addition, the City of Cambridge now offers free Charlie Cards to students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch or who are homeless or living in transitional housing. Qualifying students must bring their food services letter to the main office along with their student ID to receive a free M7 Card. This pass will give students unlimited -travel on the subway, buses, and commuter rail Zones 1A, 1, and 2, free of charge.

How to Obtain a Student MBTA Card
Students must bring their Student ID to the main office at CRLS before school from 7:30 - 8AM, during Lunches A, B, or C or after school from 2:30 - 3:30PM. Those who qualify for the M7 card must also bring their food services letter, which will have been mailed to their home address in mid- to late- August.

Important Considerations

  • Students will be assigned a single pass to be used throughout the school year. A limited quantity is provided to CRLS, and replacements may not be available for lost or stolen cards.

  • If you are not sure whether you qualify for Free or Reduced price meals, and therefore the M7 Card, you can apply using this online application.

  • If you qualify for an M7 Card, please check your mail for your food services letter, which is always sent in a green envelope. Replacement letters can be requested from the Food and Nutrition Services office, but this may cause delays.