5th Graders at the Media Art Studio

By: Ingrid Stobbe and Ross Matthei, Media Production Instructors 

The Media Arts Studio hosts Ms. Levine’s 5th grade class
5th GradersThis past fall, the Media Arts studio was pleased to welcome Ms. Levine’s 5th grade class from Graham and Parks to come by and record their memoir projects, the final step in their cumulative writing unit. One by one, each student took a turn in front of the microphone, reading aloud the stories he or she had written. Once completed, all of the oral histories were polished by our Afterschool Production Assistants and sent to Graham and Parks for final enjoyment. The Media Arts Studio students enjoyed the recorded memoirs so much that the animation club couldn’t resist compiling snippets from each of the stories to create an interpretive piece of their own. You can find the collaborative animation as well as all of the amazing memoirs by heading to the Student Media Portal and searching under Classroom Collaborations.

TaviCollaborating with filmmakers of all ages
A hub of collaboration, the Media Arts studio is open to help media creators of all ages and ability develop and produce their own creative works. One such collaboration was with Tavi, a talented young filmmaker from the Haggerty School who joined our afterschool team this spring to produce a series of shows called “What Do You Think?” This series encourages his peers to consider some of the pressing issues concerning Cambridge youth today. You can find those segments in the Student Media Portal under Youth View Cambridge, a student-generated television and web series, Episodes 904 and 908.

Pictured on Left: Youth View Cambridge Afterschool Production Assistants run the studio control room for “What Do You Think”.

Pictured on Right: Panel of commentators straight from the halls of the Haggerty School.

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