Structured Academics Program

The Structured Academics Program is a therapeutic program designed for students who exhibit both internalizing and externalizing behaviors that adversely affect their educational performance and impede their ability to be successful in the general education classroom with additional supports and services. The program provides academic, social, emotional and behavior interventions and supports for students who meet the eligibility requirements for special education and is outlined in their Individual Education Plans (IEPs). 

Program Goals
  • Achieve academic success and access to the general education classroom and curriculum
  • Develop positive interpersonal relationships and skills with peers and adults
  • Develop and maintain healthy social and emotional behaviors across settings
Program Components
  • Group and individual counseling (i.e. theory of mind or perspective taking, building trust, increasing self-worth, taking risks)
  • Behavior planning (i.e. individual and classroom)
  • Social Pragmatics (i.e. general socialization, communication, non-verbal cues)
  • Self-regulation (i.e. sensory integration/regulation, motor planning, coping skills)
  • Related Services (consultation and direct services) as designated for individual student IEP’s and program needs
  • Executive Functioning (i.e. setting goals, prioritizing, problem-solving)
  • Life Skills (i.e. developing independence, taking responsibility)
  • Social work support/outreach
Service Delivery and Supports
The program can be delivered in a variety of ways depending upon the needs of the students. Initially, students receive intensive services in a separate setting with low student to teacher ratios. The goal always is to return the student to a lesser restrictive environment based on student readiness. Interdisciplinary teams including the family and outside service providers will meet at least four times per year to align supports and plan services for each student. 
Program Locations
Baldwin School
85 Oxford St, Cambridge 02138

Rindge Avenue Upper School
70 Rindge Ave., Cambridge 02140

Cambridge Rindge & Latin School
459 Broadway, Cambridge 02138 

Contact Information
Shelagh Walker
Preschool/Early Childhood Coordinator
[email protected]

Upper School & High School
Desiree Phillips
Upper School & High School Coordinator
[email protected]
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