Late Bus

Students who are eligible to ride the bus home or to an after school program (e.g. youth center) can take a “Late Bus” if they stay after school for clubs or activities. This service is arranged by the Principal. All Upper Schools offer a late bus, and many elementary schools offer the service, as well. Please check with the school to learn more.

The Late Bus follows a standard route that loops around the city. The bus will stop at the first address that is 1.5 miles or more from the school. The late bus is only available when after school clubs at Upper Schools are in session (October-May, with some breaks in service between quarters).

Late Bus Stops Amigos CSUS PAUS RAUC VLUS
King Open School, 850 Cambridge Street
 X    X  X
Kennedy-Longfellow School, 158 Spring Street (temporary Vassal Lane Upper School)
 X    X  X  
Kendall Square/Main St/ Marriott
 X    X  X  
Fletcher Maynard Academy, 225 Windsor Street
Cambridgeport School, 89 Elm Street
Area 4 Youth Center, 243 Harvard Street
Old Longfellow School (temporary King School), 359 Broadway
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, 459 Broadway
   X    X  X
YMCA, 820 Massachusetts Avenue
   X    X  
Audrey Street & Vassar Street
   X    X  X
Amigos School, 15 Upton Street
   X    X X
Morse School, 40 Granite Street
   X    X X
King School, 100 Putnam Avenue
   X    X X
Mt. Auburn Street & Brewer Street
   X    X  X
Baldwin School, Oxford Street
 X      X
Graham & Parks, 44 Linnaean Street
 X X    X
Walden Square Apartments
X  X  X    X
Peabody School, 70 Rindge Avenue
X  X  X    X
Rindge Towers, 362 Rindge Avenue
X  X  X    X
Haggerty School, 110 Cushing Street
X  X  X    X
Huron and Lakeview
X  X  X    X

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Tina Fisher, Supervisor

Toni Fuller, Transportation Customer Service Representative

Monday - Friday | 7AM - 4:45PM

Non-emergencies: Please call between 9AM - 1PM or email us.

After hours and/or emergencies:
 Call the CPS Security Office at 617.349.7787 or 617.349.6772.

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Lost & Found
Eastern Bus Company (big yellow bus), 617.628.6868
NRT (van or small bus), 781.224.0003 x5

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