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School Leadership Coaching Cycles
The purpose of the OEIB School Leadership Coaching Cycle is to support school leaders on their journey as actively anti-racist leaders. This support will be focused on exploring “What does anti-racist leadership and teaching look like in action in CPS?” through an intentional, data-driven, and student-centered coaching cycle.

For a printable version of the OEIB School Leadership Coaching Cycle, please click here.

Professional Learning
The scope of the work around professional learning centering equity across the district is large. We wanted to balance getting going with being rooted in the specific needs of the community. So we started with a mini-listening tour with various departments including OSS (Office of Student Services), SEL (Social Emotional Learning), and ELL (English Language Learners). We also spoke with many coaches and educators to create three initial choice courses based on what we were hearing and in collaboration with those stakeholders.

The next phase is to conduct a much larger listening campaign with educators. The OEIB team will be visiting each school and be available to listen to educators. If you are interested in participating, please sign up here and we will follow up soon with more information.

Anti-Racist EducatorBecoming an Anti-Racist and Anti-Bias Educator (December 2021 - June 2022); PLP# 10567
In this introductory course, we will explore different aspects of what it sounds like, looks like, and feels like to become an anti-racist educator from theory to practice. Participants will also provide feedback and help shape future scope and sequence professional learning experiences. These courses will be open to all educators and a cross section of participants are encouraged.

Essential Components:

  1. Knowledge + Mindsets
  2. Skills
  3. Modeling and Examples (not exemplars)
  4. Opportunities to put this into Practice/Action

Objectives of these modules:

  • Reflect on self and impact of identity on practice
  • Review newer frameworks to support becoming an anti-racist and anti-bias educator
  • Increase repertoire for supporting student agency and empowerment

FlyerIntersectionality and Gender in the Middle and High School Classroom (January - May, 2022 with Masters Plus Assignment); PLP #10531
The goals of this course will be to provide an opportunity for educators to learn, practice and continue normalizing conversations around intersectionality and gender identity, two central concepts that are often left out of conversations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We will introduce and define key concepts relating to intersectionality and gender identity and then provide educators opportunities to use gender identity and intersectionality as a lens for taking a closer look at their classroom practices, their curriculum and their general school culture.

This course is open to all staff and faculty who work with middle and high school students across the district.

Healing Centered Engagement (January - May, 2022); PLP #10585

Healing Centered Engagement is an asset-based and culturally-rooted approach to healing and well-being for young people of color and their adult allies. The term was coined by Dr. Shawn Ginwright in 2018 and is based on more than 30 years of research and practice with young people, schools, probation departments and social workers. In this course, you will be able to:

  • Reflect on self and impact of identity on practice
  • Describe distinctions between healing centered engagement and trauma informed approaches.
  • Assess the impact of social toxins to the well-being of individuals, relationships, and institutions.
  • Identify the five principles of Healing Centered Engagement.
  • Build repertoire of activities that promote development of Healing Centered Engagement principles necessary for holistic healing.

Office of Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

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