About the High School Extension Program

The High School Extension Program provides students with compelling learning experiences to enhance their curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and social-emotional skills in a personalized learning environment.

What are compelling learning experiences?
At the High School Extension Program students will build skills in the 9th and 10th grade in order to apply critical thinking and creativity in the 11th and 12th grade Project-Based Learning classrooms. In these classrooms students will be able to work collaboratively to solve real-world authentic issues and present their findings to a public audience. Examples of compelling learning experiences students can participate in include our NeuroAnimation course where students learn about the brain and mental health and create stop-motion animation films to share their learning with the public, designing a mini-golf course representative of the community, and creating a business model for a successful food truck.

How do students develop these traits in your school?
Students in the 9th and 10th grade will be provided with a learning experience that leads to growth in critical thinking, reading comprehension, analysis, personal goal-setting, and collaboration. Students will have opportunities beginning in 9th grade to participate in our school’s Makerspace where they will have the ability to create and collaborate. As student continue in their curriculum in 9th and 10th grade their opportunities to intentionally collaborate with their peers to solve issues in the community will also increase. We hope to expose students to a wide variety of skill sets which includes but is not limited to engineering, coding, robotics, computer skills, organizational skills, social-emotional development, carpentry, and music production.

How do you personalize the learning experience for students?
All students at HSEP are provided with an advisor upon their admission. This advisor will work with the student to develop a personalized learning plan that includes both short and long-term goals for student success. Students at HSEP attend classes in cohorts where they are able to develop relationships with a homeroom teacher and their peers over the course of 2 years. Students will loop with their teacher through two consecutive grade spans (9-10, 11-12) to ensure students feel a sense of community within the school building. 


The High School Extension Program, our community and stakeholders, believe that, in order to be prepared for college and career, all graduates will be:

  1. Self-Aware
  2. Professional
  3. Dynamic Thinkers
  4. Future-Focused
  5. Community Members

9th & 10th grade students who:

  1. Are excited about real world experiences and hands on learning
  2. Use curiosity and creativity to explore new ideas
  3. Are motivated students who seek individually-designed educational approaches to meet achievement standards
  4. Are interested in socioemotional and academic growth opportunities
  5. Benefit from a small school setting that is different from a traditional high school

Admission to HSEP is through an application process that will extend through the fall. The Cambridge Public School District strives to represent the diversity of our community in all its schools; therefore the selection of the students will be based on a variety of factors. The significant factors for acceptance will include the results of the applicant's interview with the HSEP Principal and the student's expressed sincerity and commitment to complete their high school requirements. 

The High School Extension Program runs from 9:30AM - 3PM.

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