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The Cambridge Athletic Hall of Fame is currently accepting nominations for the 2024 Cambridge Athletic Hall of Fame induction being held on Saturday, November 16, 2024.

In order to be considered, nominations must be received before June 1, 2024 either in paper form or via online Google Form and must be complete with all information.

Application Criteria:

  • Athletes become eligible 5 years after graduating from Cambridge High & Latin, Rindge Technical and Cambridge Rindge & Latin schools.
  • Coaches and teams are eligible for induction five years after leaving Cambridge High & Latin, Rindge Technical or Cambridge Rindge & Latin School (Class of 2019 is eligible)

There are four categories in which you can nominate:

1. Athlete: Student Athletes who have graduated from Cambridge High & Latin, Rindge Technical School, and Cambridge Rindge & Latin who have made a significant contribution to the school. Selection shall be based on playing ability, leadership, character, integrity, and sportsmanship to their team and school.

2. Coach: Eligibility is based upon a high degree of competency and success. Candidates must have contributed toward promoting sound educational values in their student athletes.

3. Team: Teams from Cambridge High & Latin, Rindge Technical, and Cambridge Rindge & Latin schools that have achieved special recognition in team titles, championships attained and/or records set.

4. Distinguished Contributor: Alumni and Friends who have made outstanding contributions to the Cambridge High & Latin, Rindge Tech & Cambridge R&L that have impacted sports, organizations & the community.

June 1, 2024
Download the Application or Submit Online

Dinner and Induction Ceremony: Saturday, November 16, 2024
American Legion Nonantum Post 440, 295 California St. Newton, MA 02458

Special/Distinguished Contributors: Rich Rossi and Paul Ryder
Rindge Boys Basketball Team 1963
CHLS Girls Volleyball Team 1976
CRLS Boys Basketball Team 1979
CRLS Boys Volleyball Team 1996
Coaches: Paul Sullivan, Linda Town, and Bob Maguire
David Nadeau’57, John Purcell’62, Benjamin Brathwaith ’64, Lloyd Merriman ’69, Keith Barnette ’71, Phil Hamilton’75, Edward T. Sullivan ’81, Richard E. Kelley ’84, Teri Wright ’92, Jeremy Collins ’96, Stephanie Darden ’04, Skyy Anderson ‘08.
State Champion Indoor/Outdoor Track Team
Filomena Silva
Special Contributor
Teacher, Coach, Administrator, Volunteer
Joe Sousa
Cross Country, Indoor/Outdoor Coach
1973- 1991
Ward Gay
Boys Tennis Coach
Warren Peter Cote
Joseph Ferolito
Edward Collymore
Edwin Wright
Kevin Clark
Patty Shinkwin Bryant
Jacqueline James
Lance Campbell
Jesse Cody
Louis Ford
Coach Frank McCarthy Coach Maria DiClemente 1982 Rindge Boys Basketball Team 1973
Thayer Plante 1983 Leslie Kimbrough, Special Distinguished Contributor  Larry Stead 1962
Scott Cody 1988 Michael Stiller 2002 Che Santos 1998
Anthony Frasca 1945 Audrey Cabral-Pini 1974 Karim Ben Saunders 1987
Anthony Messuri 1954 Dick Rigazio 1948 Rudy Williams 1977
Terry Shinkwin Ward 1977 Roberto Cooper 1976  Patrick Ewing 1981
Ed Asaley 1951 Jack Hannon 1949  Frances Jarvis 1986
Lance Dottin 1987 Bob Sheehan 1982  Team: 1958 CHLS Hockey Team
Khari Milner 1990 Special Contributor:
William "Doc" Linskey 1946-1981
Coach: Al Coccoluto 1970-1990

Timothy Lahey 1899
(Rindge) Football great, on Linehan all-time team

Thomas H.D. Mahoney ’31 (Latin) Tennis captain 4-sport standout

Robert Chebator ‘62
(Rindge) Football & hockey captain, baseball standout

Timothy Keefe (18??)
Major League Baseball Hall of Fame

Anthony Sarausky ‘31
(Rindge) 4-sports, “Athlete of the era,” N.F.L. 10 yrs.

James Griffin ‘63
(Rindge) “Athlete of the era,” set football/track records

William Robbins 1904
(Rindge) 1/4-miler, fastest time in 1908 Olympics

Vito Ananis ‘33
(Rindge) Football captain, leading scorer for 3 years

Timothy Johnson ‘63
(Rindge) Track standout, set school record in sprints

Kennedy Park 1906
(Rindge) Football captain 3 years, “Athlete of the era”

Francis “Lefty” Mathews ‘35
(Rindge) Baseball All-Scholastic, batted .515

George Hewitt ‘64
(Rindge) Basketball standout, played in N.B.A.

“Mitch” Metivier ‘10
(Rindge) Football captain, Holy Cross Hall of Fame

Francis Coady ‘36
(Latin) Football All-Scholastic, baseball, basketball

Aubrey Flagg ‘64
(Rindge) Football star, set school passing records

John J. Sheehan ‘14
(Latin) Football standout, coach, “Athlete of the era”

Edith Coady Sheehan ‘36
(Latin) 4-sports, swim captain, “Athlete of the era”

William Hewitt ‘64
(Rindge) Among top ten football scorers at Rindge

Neil McDonald ‘15
(Rindge) Spearheaded crew, returned as crew coach

Edward Waitkus ‘37
(Latin) “Athlete of the era,” major league pitcher

Frances Y. Waltman ‘64
(Latin) Set highest 4-year bowling average

George White ‘15
(Rindge) Captain of hockey, football, and baseball

Joseph Sheehan ‘38
(Latin) Football, basketball, baseball star, coach

Michael Bianca ‘66
(Rindge) Set the school cross country record

William Barrett ‘17
(Rindge) Major league baseball, including Red Sox

Harry Robart ‘40
(Rindge) Track star, still holds school shot put record

Charlene Reese ‘66
(Latin) All-around athlete, starred in softball

Gertrude Brooks ‘18
(Latin) Tennis Tournament Champion of 1918

Robert Verrier ‘43
(Rindge) All-time leading hockey goal scorer

Thomas Fratto ‘68
(Latin) Hockey standout, baseball All-Scholastic

John Collier ‘18
(Latin) Tennis great, also rowed on CHLS crew

John “Lefty” Caufield ‘44
(Latin) Baseball All-Scholastic. Harvard captain, coach

Valerie Terry ‘68
(Latin) Basketball sensation, rebounder and shooter

Anna B. Hickey ‘18
(Latin) Basketball captain, taught physical education

Robert Mix ‘49
(Latin) Best ever golf champion at CHLS, pro player

Randolph Dunn ‘69
(Latin) All-State swimming champion

James McDonald ‘18
(Latin) Crew captain, track, football, and hockey

John Murphy ‘51
(Latin) Hockey & baseball star, U.S. hockey team

Virginia M. Gurry ‘69
(Latin) Swim team standout

Frank Sullivan ‘18
(Latin) Baseball catcher, player for Detroit Tigers

Mary McManus Santos ‘52
(Latin) Softball standout at CHLS

William Lyons ‘69
(Latin) Hockey standout

Barney Zarkov ‘18
(Latin) Hockey standout known for his aggressive play

Francis Looney ‘52
(Rindge)  Never lost a cross country meet as a senior

Maryann Moneypenny ‘67
(Latin) Basketball, softball and volleyball star

Joseph Kozlowsky ‘20
(Latin) Outstanding football tackle at Latin and B.C.

Thomas M. Reis ‘52
(Rindge) Leading football scorer for 2 years

Shirley Walcott ‘69
(Latin) “Athlete of the era,” 3-sport star

Alfred “Fishey” Dumont ‘21
(Rindge) Hockey All-Scholastic, “Eastern Champs”

Charles Jenkins ‘53
(Rindge) “Athlete of the era,” 2 Olympic gold medals

Warren Waugh ‘69
(Latin) Outstanding swimmer, “Athlete of the era”

Walter “Doc” Gautreau ‘21
(Latin) 3-sport standout, hockey star, B.C.
Holy Cross, Pro Baseball

John Noble ‘53
(Latin) Football standout, coach at CHLS and CRLS

Patrick Ryan ‘73
(Latin) Basketball standout

Isadore Zarakav ‘22
(Latin) Star QB, 3-sport star, “Athlete of the era”

Lawrence Plenty ‘53
(Rindge) Baseball star, Boston College, Boston Red Sox

Gerard Fairfield ‘74
(Latin) Outstanding swimmer, “Athlete of the ear” New England Diving Champion

James “Sonny” Foley ‘25
(Latin) 3-sport standout, hockey star, B.C. coach

Mary McMullen ‘54
(Latin) Basketball co-captain, 4-sport standout

Maureen C. Havern ‘74
(Latin) Tennis standout, winner of most matches

Frank Hussey ‘25
(Rindge) National champion, gold medal 1924 Olympics

Bette Ann Regan ‘54
(Latin) Basketball co-captain, “Athlete of the era”

Karen Johnson ‘74
(Latin) Volleyball standout, outdoor track star

Thomas J. Kenny ‘25
(Latin) Undefeated swim team captain, NEAAU champ

Douglas Scholl ‘55
(Rindge) Basketball co-captain, 1,000 career points

Darlene Ronchetti ‘74
(Latin) Indoor track standout on first teams

J. “Fudge” Murphy ‘25
(Latin) Cross country champion, starred at Holy Cross

Charles Stead ‘55
(Rindge) All-around athlete, high jump champion

Peter Jones ‘75
(Rindge) A 2-year all-star in soccer, All-Scholastic

E. Joseph Fay ‘26
(Rindge) Undefeated crew captain, won Harvard Regatta

Paul J. White ‘55
(Latin) Basketball standout, top ten scorers

Michael Kee ‘75
(Rindge) Fastest runner in Rindge history

Lawrence Gibson ‘26
(Latin) 3-sport athlete, baseball coach at Rindge

Bruce Hunter ‘57
(Latin) N.E. swim champ, 4th in 1960 Olympics

Leander McDonald
(Latin) Coach of baseball, hockey, and football

Wilfred Burke ‘29
(Rindge) 12 letters: football, basketball, track, baseball

John Thomas ‘58
(Rindge) National high jump champ; 1960,64 Olympics

Marie Hyde
(Latin) Dedicated coach of girls athletics

Marjorie Lynch ‘29
(Latin) Basketball, swimming, and softball standout

James Whelan ‘61
(Latin) Football great, starred for B.C., Boston Patriots



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