AP Testing Information

AP Testing Information
Posted on 04/13/2023

Important Reminder

  • Be on time If you are taking a morning exam.
  • You should be seated in the testing room before 7:30AM.
  • Once testing has begun at 8AM there will be DO NOT ENTER signs on the rooms and in the testing hallway.
  • If you arrive at 8:01AM, you are late. You will not be allowed in the testing hallway. No exceptions.
  • Please go to your regularly scheduled class or to your LC office if you plan to be dismissed. There will be a list posted in the hallway on all testing days showing your room locations. Each LC office will also have a copy.

Regular testing will be held in rooms on the 2nd floor of the Rindge Building.

Week 1: The 2200’s in the LC S hallway
Week 2: The 2300’s in the LC L hallway

If you have an accommodation approved by APCB, you may be assigned elsewhere and that info will be sent to you directly after we return from break. There will be a list of names and room numbers posted in the testing hallway and all LC offices will have a copy also.

Make sure you can log in to your APCB account

  • CRLS has no access to student account information
  • Call them directly at 888.225.5427, if you need help logging in
  • Or reach out via webform cb.org/apstudentinquiry

Testing Policies

  • Students without accommodations are expected to test during the first regular session that the test is offered unless they have two AP tests scheduled at the exact same time. If there was an AP test conflict, it has been corrected.
  • Students who have an accommodation approved by APCB that requires a late test have already been changed and the correct dates and times will show in your student’s APCB account.
  • We cannot honor personal requests around scheduling unless they are tied to the IEP/504 accommodations that have been approved.
  • Students must be on time or they will not be allowed entry to the testing room. There are no exceptions, and there will be no refunds once testing has started on May 1st.
  • Students who miss their scheduled test will not be allowed to test during a late session without a doctor’s note. There are no exceptions, and there will be no refunds once testing has started on May 1st.

Bring With You

  • Two sharpened #2 pencils
  • Two pens: black or blue ink only
  • Photo ID: School ID or government issued, required for all non CRLS students
  • If you are taking a digital test: COMP SCI PRIN, LANG & COMP, LIT & COMP, USH, CHINESE
    • Bring your CRLS chromebook and charger with you
  • For BIO, CHEM, ENVIRO SCI, MacroEc, MicroEc, PHYS, STATS:
    • An AP approved calculator: You can bring up to two if you’d like a spare
    • If you do not have an AP approved calculator, please borrow one from your classroom teacher in advance of your testing day
  • For PHYS:
    • Ruler or straightedge
  • Any student with an AP approved accommodation must bring a printed copy of their SSD Eligibility letter with them to each exam

DO NOT BRING any of the following UNLESS it has been approved and is listed in your SSD letter:

  • All cell phones and any electronic devices NOT needed for testing should be left at home
  • Books
  • Compasses
  • Correction fluid- White Out
  • Dictionaries
  • Highlighters
  • Notes of any kind
  • Mechanical pencils or colored pencils
  • Rulers- unless allowed for your specific test
  • Protractors
  • Scratch paper- if it is allowed, it will be provided by the proctor
  • Computers or calculators unless allowed for your specific test
  • Reference guides
  • Anything that beeps or has an alarm
  • Food or drink
  • Ear plugs or headphones
  • Clipboards

If you violate any of the testing policies that will be explained to you, your exam will be canceled, and you may be banned from any future testing in AP, SAT, or CLEP exams.

During Testing

  • In the testing rooms, you will have assigned seats
  • All CRLS school policies will be in effect
  • If you need to use a bathroom, go quickly and quietly. No running in the hallways.

For all students with digital tests or digital accommodations:
Please restart your CRLS Chromebook before your testing day and make sure it is fully charged. Don't forget your charger just in case.

Digital tests for Spring 2023 include:

  • Computer Science Principles
  • English Language and Composition
  • English Literature and Composition
  • United States History
  • Chinese

There will be no paper tests given for these subjects. Bluebook app will be used, which is on all CRLS Chromebooks. Learn more on how to be prepared for a digital exam >>

If you have accommodations that are approved by APCB, please bring a copy of your SSD eligibility letter with you to every test session. If you have the - COMPUTER (Word Processing ONLY for ESSAYS only) accommodation, you will need your CRLS Chromebook and instructions will be provided to you on testing day for how to set this up. You will not be using your Chromebook for the entire test, only the ESSAYS.

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