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What courses will I take at HSEP?
Students follow the same core courses as at CRLS (English, Social Studies, Math, Science, World Language, Health, Physical Education, Art) and have limited options for electives.

When can I apply?
You may apply at any time. The program has a rolling admissions process.

If I attend HSEP can I still do after school activities at CRLS?
In general, yes.

Can I take RSTA classes and attend HSEP?
It depends on schedules. We will be working on this question. However, if you are primarily interested in a vocational or technical education, RSTA is a better choice.

Will HSEP provide special education services for students?
Yes, although the special education plan will determine whether these services can be provided to the extent necessary.

Will HSEP students earn a Cambridge Public School diploma?

Will HSEP have mostly boys?
No, the goal is to have a balanced and diverse school, and the current enrollment is evenly split by gender.

Where is the Longfellow School and how do I get there?
The Longfellow School is located at 359 Broadway in Cambridge, MA -- about 6 blocks from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. It is easily accessible by bus or “T.”