CRLS Semester One Curriculum Night

CRLS 1st Semester Curriculum Night
Thursday, September 19
 | 6:30 - 8:30PM

CRLS CURRICULUM NIGHT is an opportunity for parents to meet teachers and receive information about curriculum and course work. Coming to the Curriculum Night will help you better understand what your child is studying and how you can support your child academically throughout the semester.

To be prepared, please bring your child’s schedule which can be found on Aspen, or ask your child the name of their 4 or 5 teachers and the classroom room numbers. You will follow your child’s schedule and meet teachers in their classrooms for a presentation and overview of what your child is studying. Prior to meeting with teachers we are offering a series of optional information sessions. See schedule below.

Parking is available for CRLS families in Harvard’s Felton Street parking garage (not the Broadway Market parking lot) starting at 6PM.

Please see the zone map to help you plan your evening. CRLS Zone Map >>

We look forward to seeing you! For more info, please contact Family Liaison Greta Hardina at 617.349.6660 or

CURRICULUM NIGHT SCHEDULE | Thursday, September 19, 2019

AP Exam Information 6 - 6:30PM Media Cafe
College and Post-Secondary Planning for Juniors
(Parents of 11 graders only)
5 - 6PM CRLS Theater, Arts Building            
CRLS Scholarship Information,
City of Cambridge Scholarship
& UAspire Financial Aid
6 - 6:30PM presentation CCRC Room 1501        


Location (go to the room on your child's schedule)
report to your child’s block 1 class
6:55-7:10PM report to your child’s block 2 class
7:15-7:30PM report to your child’s block 3 class
7:35-7:50PM report to your child’s block 4 class

*9th Grade families with ELA alternating with History on Black / Silver days, please go to your child’s History class. We will have the ELA teachers meet you there. 

Parking is available for CRLS families in Harvard’s Felton Street garage from 5:30PM.

For more information, please contact Greta Hardina, CRLS Family Liaison 617.349.6660 or