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Ruth Albert-Lyons

Ruth Albert-Lyons

Elementary School: King Open School
College: Oberlin College
Major: Psychology
Career Aspiration: Clinical Psychologist

Extra Curricula
Modern Dance Company, School of Classical Ballet, and Gymnastics

Favorite Class at CRLS
Biology was my favorite subject because I love learning about the science of life and how different processes come together to create living things. My biology teachers throughout high school, Ms. Augustine and Ms. Arocho, made the subject really engaging and interesting. I really enjoyed all of the classes I took in that subject.

Favorite Teacher
My favorite teachers were Ms. Giacchino, Ms. Arocho, and Ms. Chaney.
Ms. Giacchino is an incredible teacher because she teaches so much more than just Latin. Through her story-telling, she passes on lessons and advice about life that stay with her students even after the class is over.

Ms. Arocho is a kind, helpful, and down-to-earth teacher. She is always willing to help students understand the material, and she makes biology fun and engaging. I had the opportunity to TA for her during senior year, which was a really rewarding experience.

Ms. Chaney is one of the most giving people I've ever met. She is an incredibly patient teacher, always going out of her way to help her students with whatever they need. She is kind and generous, and believes in her students wholeheartedly. I took three classes with her throughout high-school, and those classes were some of my absolute favorites.

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
What I liked most was that CRLS has amazing opportunities for pretty much anything you could want to study. There are so many different classes in every department, from English to Science to the Arts, both visual and performing, and there are also opportunities for internships and independent projects. If there isn't a class for what you want to study, you can even take Harvard Extension classes. There is almost always a way to study what you are interested in as a student at CRLS.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why? 
CRLS has an incredible visual and performing arts department. The musicals, dance shows, and music concerts put on by CRLS are professional-quality, and there are endless opportunities for visual arts, from painting to fashion design to ceramics to photography. There is so much talent for the arts at CRLS.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
Join extracurricular activities as a freshman, as a way to get involved in the school community and to meet new people. I made some of my best friends in Modern Dance Company, and it allowed me to meet so many people that I otherwise would not have known.

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