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HSEP Gets Fit

HSEP Gets Fit
Posted on 01/21/2019
This year students and staff from HSEP will be taking part in an initiative to get fit and eat healthy. Our guidance counselor, Ms. Ferraro, worked very hard to obtain a grant for the school to provide new Physical Education opportunities for our students through the Cambridge in Motion mini-grants. Our school was awarded $500 and will utilize those funds to pay for PE instructors as well as healthy meals for our students. We are going to be offering a martial arts course by Willy Hanna, an instructor from Oom Yung Doe, as well as a physical fitness course from our very own Ms. Ferraro and Mr. Gibson. All students are required to participate on one of the courses each Wednesday for one hour.

In addition we will be welcoming in Nutritionist, Helen Sarpong, to work with our students and staff on how to prepare healthy meals.