Weshtanya Perdre

W. Perdre
Elementary School: Institution Mixed International d’Haiti (IMHI) 
College: Bridgwater State University
Major: Nursing
Career Aspiration: Nurse practitioner

Extra Curricula
Enroot, Work Force, Modern dance company, track, volunteer and community service for curriculum night

Favorite Class at CRLS
Math is my favorite because, I love challenges and math is one of the subjects that has a lot of challenges. My highest grade was always in math.  

Favorite Teacher
David Figueroa, Dongyeon Helen Shin, and Nathan Janani. All these people have helped me a lot and also were like a family to me. I never thought when I can here I was going to feel so comfortable talking to them about anything personal. And they make it easy to do.

What are some of the out-of-school time (OST) programs that you participated in between grades 6 - 12?
I came to the United stated in grade 9 and then participated in Work Force and Enroot until I graduated.

How did being enrolled in any OST program(s) contribute to your success in and out of high school?
Being in Work Force and Enroot helped me a lot because, I was able to find help for homework and there were always trips to go on. Always talked about college and what to expect and not to expect. They also helped me save a lot. If it wasn’t for Work Force, I wouldn’t know that I needed to save money for college. I also learned how to manage money.

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
I love how CRLS had tutoring for to help students with homework. And they had a lot of programs centered around preparing students for the future. And also they are a lot of teachers and other resources that care about all the students. I am confident that CRLS students feel at home at school because, I have witnessed of all those things.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why? 
People that are unfamiliar with CRLS should know that CRLS give students a lot of opportunities and they also have a lot of programs.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
One advice I have for incoming freshman about CRLS is to try to have someone to trust. Someone if you need help you can go to and talk to because, I needed one and I found more than one. Try to get busy in activities at the school because all of the activities give you something that you will be needing in the future.

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