Geneva Fischer

Elementary School: Tobin Montessori
College: Northeastern University
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Career Aspiration: Researcher, either in genetics or neurobiology

Extra Curricula
Indoor and outdoor track & field, soccer, volunteering with Cambridge Youth Soccer (assistant director of Kickstart program)

Favorite Class at CRLS
Biology. The beauty of it, honestly. Within the human body, or any organism, there is a complexity that cannot be overstated. Everything - breathing, blinking, reading this explanation, all of it - is the result of all these mechanisms in our bodies functioning like clockwork. Biology isn't simply just biology, either, but an amalgamation of chemistry, physics, statistics, and so much more. For all of these things to work together at just the right moment is a feat in and of itself. To recognize that all of this is what's responsible for smiling, the feeling of joy, the diversity around us, etc., makes biology even more of a wonder to behold.

Favorite Teacher
It's a tie between Dr. Kaczmarek and Ms. Reed, they've both had such huge impacts on me. Dr. Kaczmarek has given more than words can describe. Nothing, not even a literal pandemic, has been able to deter her from teaching us. I've loved learning all that she's taught us, from the process of cellular replications to how to how to test for genetic traits, and everything in-between. She's also always sure to remember all the little things, like to ask how my track meet went or if I managed to finish my art project on time. She acts like everything she does is a given, but in reality she's been extraordinary. Even on the worst of days I could always rely on Dr. K's class to have me smiling by the end.
In all honesty, I entered Ms. Reed's class thinking I hated history. It turns out that I could not have been more wrong. When Ms. Reed teaches she contextualizes the subject matter in its impact on modern society. It was probably the first time my eyes were opened to how important knowing the past was to understand our current society. It wasn't just how she transformed my opinion of the subject, though, but the support she gave me. While I was unsure of my capabilities she never seemed to be and pushed me accordingly. For that I am forever grateful.

What are some of the out-of-school time (OST) programs that you participated in between grades 6 - 12?

How did being enrolled in any OST program(s) contribute to your success in and out of high school?

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
Definitely the diversity of the school. Whether it's a new culture, new religion, new perspective, or new subject, there's always been something more to learn about.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why? 
I imagine the size of the school could be rather daunting to someone unfamiliar with it. With the number of classes and the population, it really isn't possible to know everyone and everything here. It certainly surprised me at first, but now it feels natural.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
Prioritize the classes and subjects that interest you rather than following along with what other people pick. Four years certainly sounds like a long time but it can be shocking how that time can slip away if you're not cognizant of how you assemble your own schedule.

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