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Kalkidan Mamo

K. Mamo
Elementary School: Haggerty School
College: University of Massachusetts Lowell
Major: Engineering
Career Aspiration: Architect

Extra Curricula
I play basketball and soccer and I'm also part of the Habesha Club.

Favorite Class at CRLS
Math, Writing, Biology and Criminal Justice. I enjoy math because I grew a strong relationship with my dad learning it, writing helps my put my thoughts into words with color, biology is amazing and criminal justice is so powerful learning our justice system during our past and present.

Favorite Teacher
Mr. Carey, Mr. Horne, Ms. Bannon, Ms. Campbell, Mr. Guinness. They all helped me grow throughout my high school years and pushed me to do more than average, leading me to becoming the leader I am today.

What are some of the out-of-school time (OST) programs that you participated in between grades 6 - 12?
I participated in the Breakthrough Greater Boston program and it was amazing!

How did being enrolled in any OST program(s) contribute to your success in and out of high school?
It taught me the perks of life are perseverance, effective communication, creative problem solving, and community building.

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
I appreciate the opportunities CRLS provides and how diverse the school is, making it feel more like home.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why? 
CRLS has a great RSTA program that many other schools don't have, this helps student begin their journey to a career of their desire.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, get involved in community activities, build bridges, and always be grateful. Make the best of the next four years of your lives something to remember with no regrets!

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