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Jonas Hansen

Jonas Hanson
Elementary School: King Open School
College: Harvard
Major: Robotics / Aerospace Engineering / Bioengineering
Career Aspiration: Robotics engineer or scientist

Extra Curricula
Fencing Team (Varsity, Captain), Aerospace Engineering and Astronomy Club (Founder, President), Robotics Club (Co-President), Rocketry Club

Favorite Class at CRLS
Basically anything science (physics, chemistry, robotics, computer science, etc.). I love work related to technological development and scientific advancement since these fields are real world-changers. I also enjoy being hands-on and experimental, learning from experimenting and actually creating things versus simply reading about or taking tests on them.

Favorite Teacher
It’s impossible to name one, so to name a few: Mr. Tal SebellSavit, Ms. Elizabeth Hansel, Mr. Ramazan Nigdelioglu, Ms. Irene Zharouva, Ms. Kate Holmes, Mr. Duncan MacLaury, and of course Ms. Lorraine Davis!

Mr. Shavit — for being a supportive and encouraging mentor of the Aerospace Engineering and Astronomy and helping me to get it started!

Ms. Hansel — for being an amazing teacher for three different classes I took at Rindge and for writing several letters of recommendation for my outside of school endeavors.

Mr. Nigdelioglu (Mr. N) — for being a fun, warm-hearted, and always-has-candy mentor, both as my teacher and a teacher I got to work with as a teaching assistant.

Ms. Zharouva — for being a kind and lively chemistry teacher during an otherwise stressful Sophomore year.

Ms. Holmes — for providing a loving atmosphere throughout all four years of community meeting and being a super enthusiastic teacher to work with as a teaching assistant.

Mr. MacLaury — for teaching me great life skills, such as how to write fire essays and type really quickly.

Ms. Davis — for always being there when the deadlines were tight and the course-schedule looked tough.

What are some of the out-of-school time (OST) programs that you participated in between grades 6 - 12?
Science Educator at the King Open Extended Day School, Education First GLOCAL Challenge, Science Research Mentoring Program at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Draper Labs (summer intern), LLRISE (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Olympia Fencing Center, Audible (Amazon) Internship

How did being enrolled in any OST program(s) contribute to your success in and out of high school?
The O.S.T. programs that I participated in were certainly rewarding in terms of the content that I learned and the material I got exposed to. However, what I found to be far more valuable was my development as a both a team member and a mentor. Through programs such as the Glocal Challenge, Audible, LLRISE, and the Science Research Mentoring Program at Harvard, I had the privilege to work alongside some truly amazing, innovative, and accomplished people, which most definitely had a positive influence on my people skills.

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
The location. CRLS could not be in a better place than Cambridge, with tons of opportunities for all students no matter what their interests. Proximity to amazing universities, access to top tech and biotech companies, and living in a vibrant culture that blends the arts and sciences all make attending high school in Cambridge a unique and constantly exciting experience.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why? 
Here are the best water fountains: all the ones in the arts building and the one just outside the Engineering Lab on the first floor of the Rindge building.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen
Establish a close circle of friends that you know you can study well/hangout with, watch out for the second-floor bathroom in the Rindge building, and start a collection of white and black plastic spoons.

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