Michael Herrick

Michael Herrick
Elementary School: Didn't attend elementary school in Cambridge (and went to 3 of them total)
College: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Major: English/Biology
Career Aspiration: Doctor, or anything else where I can help people.

Favorite subject at CRLS

Why is it your favorite subject?
I like history in general, but I've had great supportive teachers for every history class I've done at CRLS. Every class had elements that went beyond history and helped me practice general academic and life skills.

Favorite CRLS Staff Person
Janani Nathan

What makes that staff person so special?

As my guidance counselor for 4 years, Ms. Nathan was the backbone of my high school career. Academically, she helped me navigate the school's courses and get into the classes that I needed to succeed. Beyond that, she was fundamental to everything I did that was activism-related. The Peer Mentor Support Group she founded helped me get more in touch with my identity and help people who faced the same struggles as I did, and everything else, I worked on was supported by her. She was easily one of the best parts of my high school experience.

Extracurricular activities, clubs, school-related activities

Underwater Robotics, Varsity Fencing, P10, Peer Mentor Support Group

What were some of the out-of-school time (O.S.T) programs that you participated in anytime between grades 6-12?

How did being enrolled in any O.S.T. program(s) contribute to your success both in and out of high school? 

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
The diversity. There were so many people from wildly different backgrounds, which gave me an excellent opportunity to find people like me. I got to meet all kinds of awesome people, and make a ton of amazing friends. 

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why?
CRLS is full of opportunities. There are so many different classes, clubs, sports, and people that you're basically guaranteed to find your niche. The important thing is to ask for the things that you want. The endless list of classes and clubs isn't going to be any help if you don't know they exist. The guidance team at CRLS is super helpful, so ask your counselor if you have a question about an opportunity you aren't sure about. If we have it, they'll help you get it, if we don't, they'll help you find it.

What advice would you give incoming freshmen about CRLS?
Ask for help, and make friends! The first year of high school is daunting, but it's much less daunting with a support system and information, neither of which you'll get all that much of if you keep to yourself. CRLS has a lot of people who want to help you succeed, so take advantage of that!

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