Sachiko Kirby

Sachiko Kirby
Elementary School: Cambridge Montessori School
College: Harvard College
Major: Sustainable Architecture and East Asian Studies
Career Aspiration: Architect

Favorite subject at CRLS
Math and Arts

Why is it your favorite subject?
My favorite subjects would have to be math and the arts. Math allows me to challenge myself, find different shortcuts, and access real world applications. There is simply no other feeling like when a math problem all makes sense; those small victories - the "ah-ha" moments - make math so enthralling and rewarding.

The arts, specifically photography, have pushed me beyond what I ever thought I was creatively capable of. I appreciate that art has the ability to tells the stories of the past, captures the present, and open doors for the future. To both make art myself and to admire the work of others brings me a lot of happiness, a sentiment I will carry with me throughout my life.

Favorite CRLS Staff Person
Deborah Milligan

What makes that staff person so special?

I have taken photography with Ms Milligan since my first day at Rindge, and I will take her class until my last day. Through thick and thin, Ms Milligan has always been there to support me. Ms.Milligan was the outstanding voice in my exploration of photography, the arts, and my culture. Her support behind every idea I have had has given me the motivation and inspiration to keep creating. Additionally, her photography classes are always filled with amusing antics and witty humor; Ms.Milligan's classroom is where I've made some of the best memories of high school.

Extracurricular activities, clubs, school-related activities

President of Charles River Clean Up Club, Best Buddies, and Photography Club. Member of Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF, and History Club.

What were some of the out-of-school time (O.S.T) programs that you participated in anytime between grades 6-12?
CRLS Summer 2021 Youth Equity Summit (How to Approach Special Needs Workshop)

How did being enrolled in any O.S.T. program(s) contribute to your success both in and out of high school? 
The Youth Equity Summit taught me personal skills, such as how to plan a workshop, reach out to members of the community, and collaborate with my peers. On the other hand, through sitting and listening to my peers talk, I was made aware of the areas of improvement our school community needs. The summit really amplified student voices and inspired me to learn more about how to address issues of inequity, whether it be regarding race, socioeconomics, disabilities, and more. 

What did you like most about CRLS? Why?
The relationship between teachers and CRLS students is not only incredible to witness, but to be immersed in. The humorous banter and overall supportive environment in each classroom makes me feel lucky to have attended CRLS.

What is something people unfamiliar with CRLS should know about the school? Why?
If you are unfamiliar with CRLS, I would first and foremost say that CRLS is an incredibly welcoming place and is really supportive of any personal passions you may have. I was able to talk to my guidance counselor, Stephanie Richards, to organize a way to take a Japanese language course at a local college and also partake in two independent studies my senior year. The school's capacities go beyond the course catalog; if you have a passion for something, members of the CRLS community are more than happen to listen and work with you to make it happen. CRLS is also home to many clubs and affinity groups; this is a way for students to express their interests and nurture communities outside of the classroom.

What advice would you give incoming freshmen about CRLS?
I would suggest to the freshman to not be afraid to ask questions in class; more often than not, someone else in the room is wondering the same thing and your question could help them. Additionally, I would advise them to take the time to get to know their teachers and classmates. From my experience, being in a comfortable environment makes the learning experience that much more enjoyable!

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