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Ryles Jazz Club is Closing After 40 Years

Ryles Jazz Club is Closing After 40 Years
Posted on 04/24/2018
SmilingI was sad to hear the news: a landmark venue for jazz music will close its doors this summer after 40 years of offering audiences amazing live music. I’m talking about Ryles Jazz Club. The venue is located in a well-known square in Cambridge: Inman Square.

As a musician I not only performed at Ryles many times, but I practically learned all my jazz there. I feel very grateful but also I can’t avoid feeling sad and nostalgic. First it was “1369” a wonderful jazz venue, then “Cantares” where you could hear the sounds of Latin music almost every night, and now is Ryles’ turn. Also “Johnny D’s” closed a year ago. That is just a mile away in Davis Square.

Ryles is where my band El Eco got one of our first gigs! We used to have amazing shows there upstairs and downstairs. A few times we would perform for a whole weekend on Friday and Saturday. I remember the former owner Jack Riley was quite happy with us. He was always very decent.

I played (an continue playing) with lots of amazing musicians, which forever will be part of my extended family: Alain Mallet, Aydın Esen, Sa Davis, Dino Govoni, Naoki Matsuura, Dario Eskenazi, Olga Roman, Lionel Girardeau, Rachel Z Hakim, Christian Jacob, Danilo Perez, Angel Gittens, Eduardo Berinstein, Amaro Laria, Claudio Roditi, Kim Nazarian, Marco Pignataro, Fernando Huergo, Helio Alves, Philip Hamilton, Fernando Michelin, Yorai Oron, Cosimo Boni, Hiro Honshuku, Alexei Tsiganov, Ebinho Cardoso, to name a few. A big chapter in our lives.

Soon and and for the fourth year in a row, our wonderful high school jazz students will get to be part of the CRLS Jazz Night! This concert will take place at the now legendary club Ryles on Tuesday May 1st, starting at 7PM, featuring the CRLS Big Band, Jazz Vocal Ensemble, and the World Jazz Ensemble. Just like in previous years, it promises to be a fun night of music and some surprise dancing. And this one would be the last one at the, now famous jazz spot in Inman Square. Hope you can join us and say goodbye to Ryles Jazz Club. So long and thank you for the great music all these years.

Guillermo Nojechowicz
Music Teacher,CRLS/Visual and Performing Arts