Green Hero: January/February 2012

The Green Hero Award given every two months is a program of the Cambridge Green Schools Initiative (CGSI), and the honor is given to individuals or groups who are making a significant contribution or impact towards environmental sustainability in the school district. The honor is given by the school department’s Office for Sustainability.

The Green Hero honor for the months of January/February 2012 goes to Meryl Brott, Recycling Program Manager for the City of Cambridge, Department of Public Works. Meryl has worked tirelessly in our schools for nearly three years to implement recycling and waste management programs. Last fall, with the Director of Recycling, she helped with the implementation of single stream recycling in Cambridge, including the public schools. This program has increased tons recycled by 15% and decreased tons of trash by 5% City wide.

Meryl has worked in partnership with school principals, parent volunteers, custodians, teachers, staff, and students to maintain effective programs for recycling and introduce new lunchroom composting programs. She has provided education, workshops, and hands-on learning to accompany these operational programs. Meryl runs the RecycleCraze competition, an annual recycling competition between the schools encouraging recycling and waste reduction. She continues to support recycling programs and to inspire the school community in environmental efforts across the district. Now, in partnership with the school district’s Sustainability Manager, Kristen von Hoffmann, Meryl is working to expand composting programs as part of the Cambridge Green Schools Initiative (CGSI). Meryl brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the sustainability movement in the schools, and the district is honored to have her help and participation.