Energy Saving Projects At Cambridge Public Schools

Retrofitting inefficient lighting fixtures
Installing timed light sensors
Switching standard light bulbs to CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) in standing lamps or where otherwise applicable in classrooms, hallways, office space, or other rooms
installing LED (light emitting diodes) lighting sources in hallways and school premises
Emergency lighting upgrades (convert to Led or fluorescent)
Gym lighting retrofits (replace inefficient HID lighting with fluorescent lighting to cut energy use from these sources by 50%)
performance contracting

Heating, Cooling, and Weatherization
Insulating water heaters
Weatherizing buildings
Air sealing (stopping drafts)
Duct sealing (reducing air leaks in the distribution ducts of hot air and air conditioning)
Attic/storage space ventilation (in conjunction with attic/storage insulation)
Bathroom ventilation (in conjunction with attic insulation)
Basement insulation
Rim joist insulation (floor spaces)
Wall and window insulation
Pipe insulation for heating systems
Air lock entry (vestibule with two airtight doors)
Boiler conversions (oil to natural gas, etc.)

Water Conservation
Replacing older high water use fixtures including toilets, sinks, water fountains with high efficiency fixtures
Tightening loose parts on water fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens, classrooms, water fountains

Computer power management/computer hibernation programs
Making refrigerator/appliance upgrades
Using LEED standards in new construction projects
installing solar panels
Using recycled materials for new building construction projects
installing direct digital control systems (DDC) that control heating, cooling, security and electrical systems all in one